From JW to pornostar

by DannyBloem 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • Narkissos
    she got fed up with being sexually repressed and swang round to the other end.

  • yaddayadda

    That's a pretty sad comment Greendawn.

  • Vivamus

    I thought she had for a website .. could not find it a few days ago tho ... so that's wher she went She's always wearing crosses too ... kinda reminds me ... of me

  • Rabbit
    Yadda That's a pretty sad comment Greendawn.

    Why ? It sounds accurate to me. In any case, she's an adult and she's making her own decisions and living her own life -- as opposed to the life the WT requires of JW's. Rabbit

  • ferret

    She would make a nice centerfold for the watchtower

  • tetrapod.sapien

    nice.... good for her.


  • yaddayadda

    I think all and any pornography is a sad thing, an absolutely morally corrupting thing. And I think the prevalance and easy accessibility of pornography on the internet is a tragedy, especially in the way it is fueling paedophilia. For any person who once believed the bible's moral code but abandons that for a life as a 'porn star' slut is pathetic and to be pitied, not winked at. If someone leaves the JW's for decent reasons then fair enough, I support them, but this woman just went from the pan to the fire, to an even worse kind of slavery and harmful lifestyle. She didn't find liberation at all. So flame me I don't care.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    lol, if you say so yadda, if you say so ...

    with such a strict moral code, i have to wonder if you are really liberated from wts type thinking. that holier than thou type mentality where you can call yourself moral and others immoral, pathetic sluts. - sluts have given me more than any f*cking religious person, that's for sure.

    enjoy yourself in heaven, angel.


  • magoo

    stilla, couldn't read the language........but the pix were easy to "read." I liked the one where she is in subjection to the four "bethelite brothers" near the bottom of the page


    p.s. would liked to of been in her congregation

  • yaddayadda

    Yes, well, thanks for that Tetrapod. I am liberated from JW thinking, yes, but I fully accept and try my best to adhere to the Bible's moral code. But you don't even have to believe in the bible to believe in family and fidelity to one's mate. You find that ridiculous I realise.

    Good luck with your sluts and modern morality. You can go back to your favourite porn site now.

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