Did you know any elders who weren't married?

by JH 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    All the elders I knew were married, wonder if power in the congregation attracts women.....

  • stillajwexelder

    one or two but not not many. Most elders I knew were married

  • serendipity

    I've known a few older ones who were widowed. I can't think of any single or divorced ones over the age of 30. And yes, for some women, power attracts.

    There's a saying: men seek sex objects, women seek success objects.

  • LDH

    Tom Pacos.

    Worked at the Gilead Farm near Ithaca. Truly a nice, nice person. Often wondered what happened to him. A bit older than me (20 years) but very handsome and at the top of the list of all the single 'spiritual minded' sisters.

  • Dune

    The elder that brought me in was married 3 years after becoming an elder.

  • luna2

    There was at least one unmarried elder in both KH's I attended. The first guy was a confirmed bachelor but the second elder I am thinking of seemed to be looking (he did date a bit) but was still single at the time I stopped attending. They do exist.

    JH...a single man attracts women in the congregation, elder status is just frosting on the cake. If any JW guy wants to be married, he usually has quite a few women to choose from, especially if he doesn't mind checking out the talent in other congregations.

  • JH
    JH...a single man attracts women in the congregation

    Yeah, I've noticed......but I held firm.

  • G Money
    G Money

    A few years back I met the CO for the sign language congregations for El Salvador and he was single and in his 30's. Lucky guy. I bet he had them lining up!

  • Purza

    In my old hall we had a man whose wife left him for another brother. They get divorced and the man NEVER remarries. Ten years later he is appointed an elder -- another ten years go by and he is still an elder and still single. I always thought his situation was strange. Maybe he just got too set in his ways. Who knows.


  • daniel-p

    I've seen PLENTY of single elders. Believe me, they are not uncommon especially in more urban cities, economically vibrant areas, and especially Bethel.

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