How does one choose to die if they think the JWs are right?

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  • Sheepish

    This may seem like a strange question, but I'd like to understand. My brother-in-law decided he can't be a witness anymore. No half way-he has left entirely. When we tried to discuss it with him, he really dodged around it, and seemed really agitated when I said I had read Franz's book & suggested it would help my sister (half in-half-out). He "knows" he will die at armaggedon.

    If you believe in an afterlife, how do you purposely decide what you think you have to do to get there, is too much, and you'd rather be annihilated or (as some people believe) burn for eternity, to live some half-a**ed life here now?

    I understand some of you think this is a stupid concept to begin with, but let's side-step that arguement for the sake of what you understand about this.

    I mean, wouldn't it weigh on you every day, worrying that you'd be hit by a car, or something and the game would be over, and it would be time to "pay up"?

  • nerofiddle

    Maybe this is side-stepping your question but I don't think it really works that way at all. I think people get so frustrated from the whole mess that they don't take the time to see part of what's frustrating them is deep-rooted doubt but they're still so indoctrinated it takes time for the doubt to surface. Give him some time, the doubt will surface and he'll come eventually come around to a sunnier disposition.

  • rebel8

    Personally, I felt living forever with JWs to be a fate much worse than death at Armageddon. I'm serious. By my late teens, I hated almost all the JWs in my cong. They were backstabbing, petty, narcissistic, dishonest, shallow, cruel bullies. No way did I want to spend eternity with them, paradise or not.

    At the time I left, I had serious doubts about the teachings but did still believe in the Big A. I eventually came to my senses once I cleared my head of the brainwashing.

  • Shazard

    So if such day comes "when car hits you" I would prefare to have somebody allready pay for my sins coz I can't offer ANYTHING to my God, as whatever good I do it is from God himself, not my deeds... is there somebody who could set me free from sin? Answer this question and you will see the path, life, ressurection and TRUTH!

  • greendawn

    Rebel 8, whatever paradise means it is not for the JWs especially like ones in your ex congo. It will be a place of absolute peace and correct, civilised, behaviour.

  • FairMind

    I was an inactive JW for years and during all of that time I felt as if my head was on the executioner's chopping block. I suppose it was that feeling that led me back to being "active". I no longer feel the same about the WTS as I used to so leaving them now would not cause the same fearful apprehension.

  • TresHappy

    I wouldn't want to live forever in Paradise Earth with the JW's...the elder in my congregation already picked out the house he wanted after all the worldly folks died...

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