Disfellowshipping - Pros and Cons

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  • Spectrum


    "Your characterization of those who leave being those who "prefer to smoke or fornicate or whatever else" is, I believe, unfair. "
    Unfair? Not really, because you'll see that I was specifically talking about the ones that were bringing down the side on a moral level and I thought it was our moral duty to remove these people from the cong. if they did not repent. I really like this difference between us and Christendom, it made me feel more of a true Christian.

    "You do understand that many ex-JWs left because of coming to understand that the Watchtower Society is not what it purports to be, don't you?"
    Yes I do? And these people have a right to get up and walk away. They were duped so disfellowshipping cannot be applied to them as the contract was broken, they should prove this to them and just walk away and just chalk it up to experience. It sounds silly and would set a precedent that could end the WTBTS but since most JWs don't see it that way the Org will ride it out.

    If the individual can prove that the contract was broken by them then by definition the tables have turned and Org has apostasized itself so shunning cannot be applied to that individual unless they wish put their money where their mouth is and shun themselves.

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