Any current bethelites here affected by the layoffs?

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  • watch the tower
    watch the tower

    Come on, I know you are out there.

    Let us know how you feel. What is the general mood like over there?

  • stillAwitness

    "Oh Man. Should I respond? Of course I should damn it! Who would know I was even on some apostate site? What are you saying Bobby? Jehovah would know! Damn it! Get a hold of yourself Bobby! This is silly. Just like the time you were leafing through Stuff Magazine and Pam Anderson was on the cover and you thought Bro. Mackenzie was knocking on the door but it only turned out to be housekeeping. No problem! I can do this...just type the stupid reply about how it sucks that you turned down that scholarship to Yale to "serve God" full time in Bethel and now you're being sent home with a couple of the newest releases and a pat on the back! Come on, you idiot TYPE!"

  • What-A-Coincidence

    They can't becuase of the following GB directive:

    "The most important work we can do in this system of things is the preaching work."

    "Their is a need in the domestic field."

    "It's all being worked from above."

    "Let the will of Jehovah take place."

    "Because we are not needed here, it doesn't mean that we are not needed by Jah."

    "He may need us in another form of service."

  • jwfacts

    If you are in bethel, waiting a layoff and on this site you must be in a very confused state of mind, I feel for you.

  • evita

    LOL That is so funny... in a very sad way.

  • watch the tower
  • watch the tower
    watch the tower



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