Did You Celebrate the Memorial the Way Some Did Easter?

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  • prophecor

    In The USA, Easter is often celebrated not just with the Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny and the like, but it's traditional for those who celebrate it to purchase new clothes for that usually nice springtime outing.

    As Easter falls around the same time as the Memorial, who of you, also, would go out and purchase some of your best clothing for the occasion?

    The hats, the new dresses, the 3 peice suits and new shoes? If you were not raised in the truth but came out of the church, did you feel it was your way of carrying on in tradition? Even those raised in the truth seemed to dress to the nines on the Memorial, though.

  • rebel8

    All but the hats. Wearing hats around here is only done by Pentacostal women, so anyone showing up to the KH with a hat would have earned themselves a nice chat in the back room with the elders. (I'm serious. Once a woman wore a wrap on her head in FS and happened to have her picture appear in the newspaper. The bros called it a turban. She got reproved for it, for "looking worldly and eccentric". All the local congregations mentioned how important it was to look mainstream. That's a laugh.)

    Anyway, the fun in dressing up for the Memorial was all in the anticipation. Once you got to the KH, it was the same old ppl and the same old rhetoric. Then you'd stop for an ice cream cone afterwards if you were lucky, and go home. Big whoop. There was nothing special about the day, except the passing of wine and crackers during the mtg. I used to think it was like the saying "all dressed up with nowhere to go".

  • kristyann

    JWs get dressed up in their best cheap hand me down 1970s suits and their best thrift store rags for the Memorial.

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