Dub women and make up

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  • LittleToe
    Do you remember pencil thin leather ties
    Almost as cool as flourescent socks!!!

    I remember it well.

    Do you remember the pink pencil ties and grey suits? Or the red ties and accessories?

    Fortunately I was spared getting my hair permed! LOL

  • carla

    Red ties? really? Not during the holiday season though right? I once told husband how some dubs won't wear red at all thoughout the holiday season, he agreed it could look like you were 'into' the holidays. good grief. I wonder if dubs realize that THEY are the ones who put so much meaning into every little thing and not the other way around.

    Don't some halls dictate what color of lipstick is acceptable?

  • katiekitten

    But you got your beard permed right? I mean, you did have SOME 80's self respect?

  • anewme

    Even now I think fondly of the old timers, the ones I knew from the early days.

    I was very young myself and would visit these old timers in their homes and listen to their stories.

    At the Watchtower Studies in the early 70s these old timers were given gobs of time to tell their very unique and funny stories of the earlier days in the truth.

    Now at my current hall there is one brother like that. He is Italian or Spanish. His comments are loud and lively and with the authority and importance that only comes with years and years of experience and a loving heart.

    I have flagged him to meet him when I am no longer dfd.

    I appreciate Blondie's reminders of the very balanced view that any of us should have about someone else's makeup or dress. It is personal.

    But when you are in the preaching work, (or sales of any kind) you dont want to look oddball, so you want to reflect the community around you. (Maybe just one step ahead!)

  • misanthropic

    Yup. Dallas and Dynasty.

    In the UK we'd been used to humble soap operas about poor folk from ordinary backgrounds (Coronation Street et al). Then in the 80's we got those american soaps. It was all fantasy stuff about super rich people with mega bucks, enormous shoulder pads and big hair. Well we couldnt handle it. We wanted huge shoulder pads, eyelashes thicker than a donkeys tail, and nails so long you couldnt do the house work.

    It all went down hill from there really.

    LOL! This is the funniest thing I've read all week!

  • LittleToe

    The red tie fashion was during the Summer of '88, if I recall correctly.

    Alas, I had no beard to perm - I was a 1980s washout, by most worldly hair-stylists standards!

  • misanthropic

    When I was married to my first husband and was about 17, we lived in North Dakota. Hardly anyone there wore any make up, it was like Blondie said, you were looked at like a harlot if you wore make up and fixed your hair. There was an elders wife there that was lecturing me (because I wore make up). She said "a face is like a barn, if it doesn't need a painting why paint it all up"....LOL I hate to say it but her barn could have used a coat of paint......

  • james_woods

    Did you know what they found when they scraped all the makeup off Tammy Faye?

    Jimmie Hoffa-

  • lonelysheep

    At one congregation, just about every woman there wore makeup and looked nice.

    But at another one I attended, there were a few talks given that told us how wrong it was to wear makeup...prodominantly anything on our eyes. It would draw too much attention to ourselves.

  • divejunkie

    "It strikes me that the JWs often manifest a very competitive streak. If you are very good-looking, and can get away without much make-up, and Sister Bad-Complexion needs a half-inch thick layer to just look presentable, that could cause resentment.

    If Sister Look-At-Me shows up with a Gucci bag, well, maybe I should buy that Fendi I saw last week.

    Of course it is not just sisters, brothers compete with their material goods, and even with assignments. "Well, guess who's head of the rooming department at the District Convention this year!"

    You have hit the nail in the head!!!
    These are my thoughts exactly! The competition in the congregations is fierce! And here is my theory on why JW's are so competitive: BOTTOM LINE: MATING AND STATUS

    Mating: Because of restrictions of finding a husband/wife only in the organization, the herd is already thin to find a suitable mate. On top of that if you want to remain in good standing and enjoy the ass kissing of all those around you, you have to find a "GOOD" brother/sister. That means pioneers, MS, Elders, etc. the more titles and priviledges, the better. That thins the herd even more.

    If you are a female, you have the dissadvantage of being in an organization where the female/male ratio is like 6 or 7 to 1. Big time competition. So you have to keep your looks and status up. Your personality really comes in second place as long as you can keep appearances in the congragation with your service reputation.

    If you are a baptized male in good standing, you already have the odds in your favor. However, the more titles you have, the more "eligible" you become. Women will be competing for you and that means you have the luxury of choosing whoever you want. So you can wait and go for whatever makes your day. If you want to go for substance, you will find it. But if you want to go for the sister with very specific physical, "spiritual" and financial attributes, you will find it too.

    As you know, nothing seems to be more desirable and celebrated that a "good" marriage between "good solid christians". Whcih brings on the STATUS part of the equation.

    I've seen it first hand for so many years, is not even funny. I personally know elders and bethelites who when single would say things like "I would never marry a sister who's not a pioneer, blond, tall and thin. And she needs to come from money and have some still"

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