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  • startingover

    I was talking to a friend the other day and he brought up something I hadn't thought about before.

    He said that suppose the entire world was wiped out except for say 100 people. Humans have made huge advances being industrialized, but in this scenario, things as they are now could not be maintained. Life would revolve around survival and these people would revert back to hunter/gatherers and stay that way for a long, long time, even with the knowledge we have now. Just surviving would take all their time.

    I believe it was Carl Sagan that thought this scenario has played out many times in the history of the earth. If a major disaster, like the Yellowstone caldera exploding or a huge meteorite hitting, life as we know it would be changed. If the disaster was bad enough man would go backwords just trying to survive.

    Thoughts anyone?

  • skyman

    Good question.

    Have you ever heard of the Map of god. A map millions of years old has be found showing that the earth was at one time inhabited long ago this map has been the topic at many a univeristy and the scientist of this world are trying to figure out how it can be real but make no doubt about it, it is real here is a link

    I think the earth has done this over and over again.

  • DavidChristopher

    They could never survive without a government to "protect" them from one another...right? They would tear each other to shreds....right?

  • Shazard

    depends on region. If you move to the south, you will be provided with food without work, so you could build up civilization back very soon

  • prophecor

    No TV, no electricity. Who's going to run those nuclear power plants? Water treatment facilities would be a thing gone by. Finding food could come to be a problem. We get our meats and like things from the supermarkets in the west, but would you be willing, if need be to slaughter a bull on your own, bleed it, skin it, cut it up into it various parts, cook and consume it? We could very well come to be forced back into the stone age.

  • acadian

    Hello all,

    I would say it depends on your spiritual maturity, what an oppertunity to really follow "The Way" that Jesus taught without all the distractions.


  • startingover


    That map is very interesting. I'm going to see if anything else is written about that. Thanks


    Spiritual maturity huh? I don't think people living in a stone age scenario would even have that enter their mind. That comment reminds me of the JW paradise speak, I assert that if they didn't have a grocery store in the paradise and they had to slave to grow their own food they would really be wishing they had this old wicked system of thing back.

  • peacefulpete

    Skyman come on, a stone map of Russia from space? 120 million years old? Why would aliens advanced enough to space travel be carving maps on stones? This is a hoax. Don't you think it odd that they could date a stone slab removed from context and hid under a porch? Don't you think a reputable scientist would have taken more than a photo from 20 feet away? Why have they not sought peer review?

  • startingover
  • peacefulpete

    Dated by 2 sea shells attatched to the face of the stone? How convenient.

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