Adam & Eve were ...... ALIENS!!

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  • robhic

    I was spending my big New Year's Eve watching a Twilight Zone marathon last night on the Sci-Fi channel and one of the episodes was especially interesting. It starts with an astronaut crashing on a (seemingly) deserted planet. He gets in radio contact with his home base and is informed that they are about to have a global nuclear war and can't come to save him. Bummer.

    OK, so he goes outside (amazing the atmosphere was conveniently all right for human life) and looks for signs of life. Looks like a forest. He finally finds a woman (she looked more like a homeless person) and he starts all the stereotypical "My name Cook. Cook." while pointing to himself and "Eat. Eat" while making eating motions. The chick ain't buying it and runs away.

    Allright, now space boy gets notice that global thermonuclear war has broken out and his planet is destroyed. Bigger bummer. He gathers some stuff and goes outside to get back to checking out his new home for life. Hey, there's the homeless chick again! Let's try some more child talk and gestures!

    This time space homeless babe is more approachable and she repeats his words and gestures like every movie ever made where an English-speaking person is trying to get chummy with the natives. Chalk one up for space dude. They are really conversing now! "My name is Cook -- Adam Cook" and the homeless chick points to herself and says something like "Arnuba. Eve Arnuba". (Are you getting ahead of me now? ) And Cook (Adam) picks up a handful of dirt and looks questioningly at his new squeeze. "Eart" she says. Eureka!

    OK, so Adam and Eve walk off hand in hand to live forever in their new home Eart(h). Right in front of them is an apple tree and Space-Eve offers Space-Adam an apple! He eats it. Cue Rod Serling and his closing comments.

    A somewhat smarmy yett entertaining episode but what a bunch of doors it opens! Just think of the possibilities ....


  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I watched it also.

    When he was trying to communicate with her, he said "I guess the more intelligent one of us, will have to learn the others language." By the end of the show, Eve was learning his words very fast.


  • Vivamus

    Adam saying "I'm the more intelligent one" ??? ... LOL, must be aliens for sure

  • willyloman

    What's really weird is, it makes as much sense as the Genesis account.

  • Gretchen956

    I saw that too! You have to love the Twilight Zone marathons. In my opinion nothing since has ever come close. They did that show so well. Now they think if there isn't gore it isn't good. Just don't like to watch gore.


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