un again sorry but can anyone give me one bit of info?

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  • Cordelia

    sorry to bring this up again, but its the one thing my dad has not been able to answer for me and so its the thing im clinging to!

    hes wrote to the society about their realetionship with the un and got the usual answer back (by the way can anyone show me their letter from the society as he wont let me actually read his coz he wont see me)

    anyway, the point i need proof on is: did the society sign a document every year between 1991 and 2001 in order to be a ngo member of the dpi section (to use the libary)that DEFINATELY said in it they had to support the charters of the un? did they sign it EVERY year, and who signed it, and is the only reason they stopped coz the gaurdian newspaper got hold of it?

    any proof of this? any dates of the newspaper and dates of when the society stopped their registration?

    i have brought a printer now so any proof i find i can show him, coz he believes the societys answer when they say they only used it for the libary and had to jion the dpi for that and when they realized the wording of the requirements for registation they withdrew, (my dad reckons the un must of changed their wording!!)

    please can anyone show me proof that the wording was always there and they had to sign for it, or is my dad right?

  • rebel8

    They had to resign the vows to uphold UN principles in order to renew their membership. They also manned a booth at a UN NGO fair and wrote about it in their literature. Links to all: www.jwinfo.50megs.com

  • AlmostAtheist

    Hey Cordelia,

    You can read (and probably have already read) the letter that the UN posted on its web site in regards to the Watchtower:


    In it, they spell out what the Watchtower would have had to have done in order to join, and in order to remain joined. Unless the Watchtower managed to cheat the system, they had to do what's described in the letter.

    Can we see the documents they signed? No way. Neither the UN nor the Watchtower would be willing to release such documents.

    Did the Watchtower fulfill the obligations of UN DPI-associated NGO? Yes. How do we know? Because they were one for 10 years. If you see a person in a store, do you really need video tape to be reasonably certain they walked through the door at some point?

    This "proof" probably won't satisfy your dad. Or if it does, he'll only be satisfied that they were a member, not that they actually did anything wrong. See, the Watchtower DEFINES right and wrong. Until they said smoking was wrong, it wasn't. Now that they say it is, it is. If they join the UN, then it isn't wrong. And if they decide later that it's wrong, and leave, then it's now wrong.

    There's no way to nail down something as jello-like as that. If you get to define "truth", you pretty much get a free pass on anything.

    Good luck!


  • stevenyc

    Here you go, enjoy!


    NGOs are requested to fill out the accreditation form every year.

    Organizations that do not intend to have representatives at UN Headquarters should fill out information for their Headquarters and President or Chief Administrative/Executive Officer. The accreditation form should be returned as soon as possible to:


  • hawkaw

    More importantly, a few of us did a lot of reseach on this. Mad Apostate and me did the following threads that you should read and make yourself very familar with. They are as follows:



    The article is found in the Watchtower magazine of June 1, 1991 pages 15-20 and is titled Their Refuge-A Lie!

    The threads also provides information on another article that is found in the Watchtower magazine Dec 1, 1976, page 711 article -"Can an Image Bring Peace and Security".

    We also provide you links to the scanned original Muller essay that brings the whole 1991 article into context.

    You might also want to link to Hooberus' thread http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/11/55894/1.ashx on the library card defence.

    You might also want to click here http://www.geocities.com/osarsif/un.htm . My essay (which needs a little updating) sometimes is not availabe due to the number of people using the site. Besides my essay you have links to the various scanned documents including the forms they had to fill out.

    Take care and happy new year everyone,


  • Cordelia

    thanks you guys ill read them all when i have more time,


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