Pastor Charles Taze Russell: An Early American Christian Zionist

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  • Quentin
    Who is Mutt and Jeff?

    Laruel and Hardy?...Abbot and Costello?...The Three Stooges? nope, too many...I know...I know...Bevis and Butthead...get the picture?

  • RR

  • Leolaia
    Rig Boy = Ianone??...appears to be the same old stuff...

    Of course it is. You don't think being banned for making anti-Jewish statements would keep him away, now do you? All you gotta do to evade the forum guidelines is adopt a new nick and keep doing the same old thing until you get kicked again.

    First Ianone, then Beacon of Truth, then back to Ianone, now Rig Boy, tomorrow....???

    BTW, Ianone's last post was on 9 December 2005 and then Rig Boy shows up on 23 December 2005, and his first post was a bunch of Ianone links with the coy question: "Is Ianone back?" (

  • Quentin

    Yeah!!..You got it got it...

    Not so sure he and truth boy are not one in the same...doesn't matter much though...a Jew basher is a Jew basher...edit to add...a book pushing Jew basher is a book pushing Jew basher...happened to notice he was hawking a book with this thread...

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