Elders are Judges

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  • freydi

    Beware of Shepherding Calls 1917


  • ozziepost

    What a courtroom!

    • Judges - elders
    • Prosecution - elders
    • Defense lawyer - nil
    • Witnesses - nil

    Some "justice"!

  • Forscher

    Nice quote from Russell Frayd! For all the criticism I see of CTR, I do have to give the man some credit on this issue. What many folks don't realise because of WBTS revisionism is that Russell didn't care for a monolithic organization such as the WTBTS is. In his days, the congregations were alot more independent. As the quote provided us shows, Russell didn't countenance Star Chambers judging the flock. I think he would very much disapprove of what the Governing Body is doing today.


  • AuldSoul

    To clarify, stillajwexelder was quoting from a post I made about a conversation I had with my dad. I believe most elders don't WANT to be judges. They don't want to be so BADLY that they make themselves believe they aren't.


  • 144001

    "Judges?" I always thought they were window washers, janitors, and "sanitation engineers." You learn something new every day!

  • MidwichCuckoo

    To be fair - I only read the the Topic Heading, but I should imagine the average 'Elder's' IQ is below national average......

  • garybuss

    You wrote: "Elder's' IQ is below national average......"I'd say based on elders I've met, those elder's IQ's would be below the national average for a third grader.
    Sorry if I offended any third graders.

  • stillajwexelder

    They are above national average at Janitorial skills though Garybuss

  • Finally-Free
    They are above national average at Janitorial skills though Garybuss

    I'd like to see some statistics to support this. Just because many JWs are employed as janitors doesn't necessarily mean they're any good at it. W

  • purplesofa
    That's my biggest argument when I talk to my family about disfellowshipping. How can we say elders are imperfect and not blame them when they screw up, and at the same time allow them to judge people, sentencing them to death in effect? We are told all the time that only Jehovah can read the heart, and then we watch as elders sit in a closed session and decide the fate of people's lives. They are given so much lee-way that the regular jw is not even allowed to know the slightest detail of a judicial committee meeting.

    I had been in a very abusive marriage for almost 10 years, had 5 children. At 27 I barely knew the truth, had 5 children, the oldest 8 the youngest 5 months, heading for a fast scriptual divorce. Went from a very lucritive income to welfare, then my step dad commited suicide. My mother needed me very much and lived 150 miles away. I was torn, stressed, stretched to the complete limits. This all happened in a very short time...........like a year....... I drank and commited fornication..............Long story shorter......I was DF.........a sentence to death! It took me a long long time to come to terms with the fact that these elders had no authority over me whatsoever. But the pain and torment to figure this out was almost more unbearable than the original problems.

    NO ONE should ever ever ever go to a judicial meeting alone. I found myself before a judicial committee a second time and came through it OK, but was heavily coached as to how to act and what to say, much like in a secular court case.

    Some elders are very loving and fair and just..........but if you are unfortunate enough to deal with wackos, hopefully you can recover.


    (elders are humans like all of us........just men that may or may not know any more than the people they try to help. Not all are equipped to help or counsel complicated problems or even understand them.)

    Love your neighbor as yourself.

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