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    Oh, and beware of information overload...

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    Think of a Shamrock - it has three leaves but they are all part of the same flower -Nuns on the Run

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    As a regular Christian I'd been taught the concept of the trinity but never really studied it until I became enmeshed with the JW's. I reconciled my beliefs around these thoughts.

    • Jesus is fully God. If he wasn't, the miracles, his kingship, worshipping him and serving him make no sense. Read the accounts of his life straight, in the NT, and see if you don't have a higher opinion of him than what the WTBTS offers.
    • There is only one God. You can't worship the Father and the Son too as separate gods, because then you have two. So Jesus and his Father are one, and praying to one or the other has the same effect.

    A couple of questions to consider:

    • Why do the JW's downgrade Jesus' role in order to support their doctrine?
    • My husband says he can't believe in the trinity because "it makes no sense". That's not enough reason to abandon the idea of the Trinity. Does the bible have to make sense? Can we on earth really grasp the breadth and depth of God? Or do we with our inadequate words to our best to reconcile the evidence we have?

    I also studied the history of the early church and why the trinity doctrine was established. I am much more convinced from regular historical sources that the adoption of the trinity doctrine was a necessary development to unify Christianity and to weed out the heretics. It definitely was NOT a pagan corruption of "pure" Christianity.

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    Here is an answer to the trinity question which is outside the reductionism of Christian beliefs; and so may seem out of place in a -- up to now -- Christian thread. Nonetheless, it's an answer.

    The carnal mind innately breaks the universe down into smaller and smaller pieces that it may acquire a sense of understanding. This works marvelously well in practical day to day life. However, when it come to what the word G-O-D points to, this same process of reductionism and fragmentation is a gross misuse of intelligence.

    Our true Source is infinite and beyond measure. It is far, far too vast and huge for the mind to ever begin to comprehend. Yet, the mind tries by shrinking and belittling the Divine down to a mentally engraved image, and then throws it's little deity on the floor and breaks it into three.

    Sadly, generally, religious people tenaciously and without knowing what they are doing, reduce God down (in their minds) to the words and thoughts of a belief system and an object or deity seperate that they can hold in there minds hand. It's all a feeble facade, that blinds far more to the unending present-moment reality of the Divine, than it ever helps to awaken and see.


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    1) To understand nature of god is to understand the ethernal. 2) Also... may be this can help... to be God is to be Creator of the universe/reality. So whoever is Creator is God. 3) God is "nature" same as "angel" "man". This nature impies "features" the objecg gets from being this nature. So if somebody is "man" we know that he walks on two legs, does things men does and think like man and has all the nature of man. So the same is with God, if somebody is God, then we understand that he has Godly will, knowledge, power and most important that it is Creator of the reality. If something is not creator, it is NOT God by nature. So the same says Bible (somewhere in Jerem) that the "gods" who did not create the world will be destroyed. 4) How God can be 3 persons? Who sayed that he is like man or angle, where "person" implies some characteristics. You can even invest the definition of "person" and you will find out that this can be used to describe God only partially. There is no even common definition of term "person". And like Jesus were talking about spiritual things using "icons" of worldy words and terms, the same goes with "person". Term person actually implies some spiritual reality which is impossible to describe fully by our words. So to describe "hypostasis" of God is also impossible fully. We only trust the God that he gives and reaveals himself to us in the best way for us to understand and still stay alive. The restriction "nobody can see me and stay alive" is not just stupid old saying. It is real warning. I guess if God would reaveal himself fully our mind which is limited, would "explode". We need the spirit of God to understand God. God does not reveals himself in a way to harm us. 5) Okey now to "icons" of Trinity. Simple triangle shows one aspect of trinity. Each of the corners IS the triangle and has all the features of the triangle, and still each corner is not other two corners. 6) Water - there is one water, but ice, steam and liquid are not each of others two, they have ALL the features of whater, but still they poses something else which differs them from 2 others. 7) When you look in sunny day in the sky you say, that you see Sun, but it is wrong. What you see is LIGHT coming from Sun and you se the light where the Sun was 8 minutes before. Real SUN (the sky body) you are not able to see. The light makes the Sun visible. Also when you close eyes, and does not want to see the shinign Sun still you can FEEL the Sun as it is Warm. So... God Father is Sun, God Sun is Light whcih reavelas the Father to us and makes "invisible" visible. And the Holy Spirit is heat of Sun which can reach you even if you are blind.

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    This site may help explain the questions that you ask.Who is GREATER take care

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