Hey UBM's - good things about being in a commited relationship with a JW??

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  • carla

    haha, he only tries that if I'm not in the room. I live in a 50/50 state and will remind him of that when necessary. If your not around all that much it's hard to be the head of anything! Then when and if he is around he doesn't always like to play the 'heavy'. So instead he just looks inconsistent on a regular basis. Much like the wt, consitently inconsistent.

  • atypical

    Um, I can't think of a whole lot besides the free time on tuesday and thursday night. All the things I like about my wife are personal characteristics of hers. I don't think they would be any different if she wasn't a jw. The only difference would be that I wouldn't get hassled so much by everyone at the hall because we could avoid the witnesses together.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    My husband doesn't look at porn, he speaks respectfully about me and he doesn't put himself into awkward positions with women.

    Also, he's very handy around the house because he went to trade school and worked on so many KH builds.

    Also, I don't think its wrong for the man to be the head of the household as long as he's following the bible and not some made up idea of how a husband should be - not dominating and being a dictator. If he is spouting off that he's the head of the house...and has to tell me, he's really not the head of the house.


  • wednesday

    I'm sure you must be aware that jws commit adultry about as often as most , and divorces are all too common.. I believe most of the DFing going on is b/c of adultry and fornication.

    One other thing, if the UBM ever seems to be a spiritual threat to the jws, the elders are A-OK for hiim/her to walk out of the marriage.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Hi Wednesday,

    I know JW's do bad things too...just like non-jw people.

    The spirit of my post was that if you are married or in a relationship with a JW who is actually following the WTS rules...name some good things.

    JW's commit adultery, watch porn, steal, molest children, etc.

    I know.

    I was just trying to lighten up all of our posts and polls about the hardships of being in a religiously split marriage.



  • jgnat

    He's clean and smells nice.

    He's polite.

    I have lots of free nights. (Not so good for a newlywed, but a sure bonus as we get more used to each other).

  • kiddotan
    I get to watch what I want on tv tuesday and thursday night.

    When he's being faithful. When he's not it's a pain, because you know a man and the remote control issue...

    Likes to believe he is in charge of the house. Has very strong family values. (I come from a very loving family with strong family values).

    He's alittle naive. (very occasionally comes across as ignorance).

    CHRYSTAL thanks for putting a positive, nice light post for a change. We spend so much time thinking that being JW is the root of all evil, when some of us actually love and are friends with the strange creatures that they are.


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