Paragraphs - just do it

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  • gumby
    I am not able to understand a word that you said because I am very old.

    Quit yer damn complainin bout bein old fer cripes sake! Your only 60 and make it sound like your 90.


  • wombat

    Lady Lee....Your last post was in three paragraphs and was so easy to read.

    It is delightful communicating with folk who are easy to understand. You have explained the technical difficulties why this cannot always be the case , which I appreciate.

    Ozziepost and I had a chat on this forum last night about the problem with reading HUGE paragraphs (or pragraphs, as he calls them).

    Maybe we Australians have short attention spans............Cheers.....Wombat

  • wombat

    Hi Grumpy.............Darling, when I turned 60 I was so happy. I just know that in ten years time I will wish that I was only 60.

    My only problem is that the older I get, the younger the ladies I check out at the supermarket.

    I reckon that I'll be in jail by the time I am 80...........Wombat

  • wombat

    Wow.....I just saw a post 40 lines long with one break in the middle.

    I wonder if anyone read it.

    What is the biggest, longest post on this site that you have come across. It must be a single paragraph.......Did you read it and/or could you understand it..?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    This is what I see when I use Foxfire to post here. Notice there is no formatting bar.


    These are some of the basic codes that a NON-IE user must put in manually


    I started using Firefox for a while. Many people say it is a safer browzer than IE. But I find it a pain if I can't use the formatting tools so I have gone back to IE. Yeah I'm too lazy to use the codes, especially when I know I can use then with IE.

    I have no idea how long the longest paragraph that I have seen here was. Believe me there have been a few that I found while rummaging through the archives.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Concerning your post..I care not HOW people post..I am just interested in WHAT they have to say. Not how they print it.

    I'll struggle to read it if it makes sense.

    After all..I did learn to read when I was a small child..Paragraphs or not..


  • wombat

    Lady Lee.........Thank you for going to so much trouble to inform me. I shall study it.

    Golden Girl.......I could read your post so easily. Thanks for the pragraphs (as Ozzie would say).

    I reckon that if someone isn't so polite as to put their message in an easy-to-read format I won't waste my time attempting to read it.

    Like.... who'd even try to read the Bible if it weren't divided up into chapters and verses.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I'd read the Bible if it had more pictures in it...


  • wombat

    Snoozy.........I'm hitting the cot. (going to bed).....Your last thoughts will be with me.....Wombat.

  • ButtLight

    Its funny to see everyone type and space just as they have been Told too lol!

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