Is New Radio Talk Show Host FIRPO CARR DFed Or DAed?

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  • West70

    Seems Firpo has got himself a gig on the LA airwaves on Sunday afternoons.

    Check out his extensive BIO that mentions JWs NOT ONE SINGLE TIME:

    Reckon Firpo finally DAed? The WTS doesn't have the guts to DF him.

    After you read his Bio, click on his website link and go to his "Bill Clinton" webpage which tells how Firpo interrupted Clinton's booksigning to talk about his own book.

    Then, click on the JACKO page.

    Firpo's motto is: "If noone else will pat me on the back, I'll just do it myself."

  • West70

    Well, Firpo, I love ya even if noone else does.

    What are ya going to do if Michael starts praying to Allah, or have ya already joined him?

  • jgnat

    Is Firpo Carr one of the Watcthower's "celebrated scholars"?

  • West70

    Firpo can smell a publicity a mile away.

    See his website for photos of him with various Jackson family members, Jacko's attorney, and even Bill Clinton.

    Firpo even managed to get his photo in a Watchtower on page adjacent to page with the black GB member.

    Now, Firpo's a LA Radio Talk Show Host. What's next? MTV??

  • Aude_Sapere
    Well, Firpo, I love ya even if noone else does.

    I don't know who this is. Don't think I've ever even heard the name..?

    Can you please tell more about how/why I/we should know him?


  • West70

    Firpo is .... well let's just say Firpo is a JW author with a black activist bent who is friends with the Jackson family, the Governing Body member who is black (whatever his name), etc.

    Just go to the link in post#1, or plug his name into this site's search function. Reading about Firpo is like reading Mad magazine.

    Firpo is simply dying to be important ... to someone ... to anyone.

  • zagor
    Firpo even managed to get his photo in a Watchtower on page adjacent to page with the black GB member.

    Really?!?! LoL, I'd love to see that

  • sf

    Let's try this: Sundays 2pm - 5pm Dr. Firpo Carr is a best-selling author who resides in the Firpo experienced the Watts Revolt of 1965, the Los Angeles Uprising of 1992, and the ever-present threat of gang violence in the housing projects, ’s largest.

    While with
    for ten years, Firpo made extraordinary technical contributions and spent countless hours visiting inner city elementary, junior high, and high schools in association with the company’s community service programs. His technical accomplishments moved , uncharacteristically, to release a news story—in connection with his works—to the major newswire services.

    His works have been acknowledged by Jewish scholars at the
    and in an encyclopedia entry on the Holocaust; Muslim scholars and authorities who invited him to speak at a prominent Muslim center in the Gulf area during the second Gulf war; and scholars in Christendom who feature his work on various Internet Web sites. in , is the latest in a growing number of institutions of higher learning that uses his best-selling book, ’s Black Holocaust:1890-1945, as a textbook. Libraries across the country are requesting it as an invaluable reference work.

    Firpo has traveled twice to the Soviet Union to study and take selected color photographs, for the first time ever, of the oldest most complete Hebrew Bible in the world, and has received international recognition for his daring ventures. Among these ventures are his travels to the
    , the , and both Central and . He has a love for languages (having studied a few ancient ones), and has read the entire dictionary in an effort to broaden his horizons, and critically examine the thought behind the meaning of words. This study resulted in his best-selling book, Wicked Words: Poisoned Minds—Racism in the Dictionary.

    While visiting
    , the Cuban government, with the blessings of Fidel Castro himself, aired Dr. Carr’s 45-minute lecture on racism in the dictionary, as well in American culture, nationwide. President Bill Clinton is among a number of politicians, at home and abroad, that also admire Firpo’s works.

    He has debated the likes of famed attorney Gloria Allred, former O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Shapiro, former LAPD detective Mark Furhman, the infamous O.J. Simpson witness for the prosecution, attorney Lisa Bloom, a former national debating champion and current “CourtTV” specialist, as well as a host of current and former city, county, and district attorneys. He also took on defense attorneys and current and former federal prosecutors.

    Though the list is not complete, these debates and general appearances occurred on the following:
    ’s “Good Morning America,” CBS’s “Early Morning,” NBC’s “Today Show,” NBC’s “Weekend Today,” CNN’s “American Morning,” MSNBC’s “The Abram’s Report,” MSNBC’s “Scarborough Country,” MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” News’ “At Large With Geraldo,” News’ “Debra Norvell,” CNN’s “Paula Zahn Now,” CourtTV’s “Crier Live” with Catherine Crier, “Inside Edition,” “Celebrity Justice,” “Extra,” “Access Hollywood,” and “Entertainment Tonight”; Los Angeles stations KTTV, KCAL, and KCOP; Foreign press: BBC, SkyTV, , Canadian, Australian, Chinese and Japanese news organizations and other international media, as well as countless other news agencies, excluding radio. In many cases he appeared on the above several times.

    Both Essence and Black Scholar magazines list his groundbreaking book,
    ’s Black Holocaust: 1890-1945, among their national bestsellers. Dr. Carr currently heads the non-profit organization, Scholar Technological Institute of Research, Inc. (S.T.I.R. Inc.). He can be contacted at [email protected].
    ------- jgnat, I suggested that a while back too. Never got a reply. He seems to have cleaned up a bit.

    Perhaps someone should call into his show and ask him, on the air, if he has read the misrepresentation of secular facts re: the blood policy.


  • LDH

    Good 'old Firpo.

    Doesn't it kinda make you wonder why they don't DF him? I mean, they DF'd Micheal for making the Thriller video.

    You gotta wonder....what does he have on them...

  • Sunspot
    Reading about Firpo is like reading Mad magazine.


    I definetly have to agree with THAT! He's quite a piece 'o' work!

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