Prostitution and Marijuana

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    I've treated a lot of marijuana addicts and it is not a pretty picture. Society pays big bucks for the consequences of this drug, which causes more accidents, cancer, etc. than most people realize. When people quote the "facts" about how "mild" marijuana is, 9 times out of 10 they are quoting a 40 yr old study that applied to the marijuana of the 1960s, a very different drug than today's MJ.

    You "treat" marijuana "addicts?" Are you an MD? If you were, you would know that there is not a single study that supports your false claim that marijuana causes cancer. As for accidents, marijuana may indeed cause some, but no where near the number and severity attributable to alcohol . As for the BS about marijuana being more potent than the 1960s and somehow being less "mild" as a result, anyone who would make such a claim is obviously not knowledgeable about marijuana. So much for your claims of being an authority on the subject.

    Marijuana should have been legalized decades ago. The pharmaceutical companies are the primary opponents to its legalization. They can't patent it, and therefore they can't make any substantial amounts of money off it. It competes with drugs they do have patents on, such as Marinol. With the money these companies make off of raping the public, marijuana will not likely be legalized any time soon. Here in California, voters approved medical marijuana, but the federal government is still prosecuting these users.

    With all the serious crime rampant on our streets, including horrific crimes against children, I find the waste of law enforcement resources on relatively harmless acts such as using marijuana or compensated consensual sex to be a reprehensible moral crime.

    Abaddon's post is right on. As the situation in the Netherlands demonstrates, legalization of marijuana and prostitution has not resulted in the horrific societal maladies opponents of legalization scare the general populace with. When will America wake up and focus its law enforcement resources on real crimes?

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    Excellent post Acadian...are you running for office?!

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    Hmmm... well, as another resident of the Netherlands I gotta say that the prophecies of doom regarding the decriminalisation of cannabis and legalised prostitution are all false.

    We've had decriminalised pot and legal whores here for decades, the sky has not fallen and society has not collapsed. Hell, we've even let gays marry for years and STILL society doesn't collapse! LOL

    So all the slippery slope arguments are rubbish and can be disregarded.

    Abaddon - i'm looking on with interest to see what Nederlands does with legalization of marijuana farming and manufacturing. It will be the first country to do so.

  • BrendaCloutier
    claim that marijuana causes cancer.

    If you smoke it it can cause mouth and lung cancer because of the tars and other chemicals released with burning materials. Case proven.

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    If you smoke it it can cause mouth and lung cancer because of the tars and other chemicals released with burning materials. ; Case proven.

    Note the "can cause," as opposed to the "does cause" claim. A lot of things "can cause" cancer, but there is no proof that they do, as is the case with smoking marijuana. Besides, smoking is not the only way to consume marijuana; it can be vaporized as well as eaten. I know of no studies whatsoever that have established a causal link between marijuana smoking and cancer. If you disagree, please provide a citation to the study that proves me wrong.

  • DannyBloem

    I feel that as a country we waste so much time and money fighting prostitution and marijuana use.

    yes I did too, I spend a lot of my money on woman and drugs. The rest of my money i wasted :)

    Now serious,
    I think both prostitution and use of marihuana should be legal. Not that mariuhana is completely harmless and prostitution is without negative effects but:

    1) criminalizing it, makes it only worse. For drugs, the line between soft and hard drugs becomes very thin. You're already doing something criminal... For prostitution, the line between 'normal' prostitution and under age woman working or not voluntairy working becomes thin.

    2) These are individual matters. Nobody elses concern.


  • FairMind
    When a man brings flowers to his date it shows respect for the person you are dating. It is a gentleman thing to do.

    Ok OldFlame, i can't argue that!

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I always heard that 1 Marijuana cigarette is equal to 10 regular cigarettes? That would be like half a pack in one smoke?..

    Then it could also be laced..some of the stuff they lace it with could kill you a lot quicker...


  • free2beme

    A lot of info on pot, is not correct and created to scare kids into not smoking it. Funny thing is, does not seem to be working.

  • tetrapod.sapien
    Then it could also be laced..some of the stuff they lace it with could kill you a lot quicker...

    the MJ i get is still on the stem. so i doubt it is laced with anything. if it came grinded and rolled, then i could see that as an issue for the odd buyer. they could put something bad in it for sadistic purposes, or more likely, oregano. he he...


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