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    What does it matter? Is it a reason to seperate yourself from others, because of what you "THINK"? How about concentrating on what we have found to be true together, and perfecting it together. That can be searched for later. We have some serious problems to confront already, and a whole bunch of people to help. I could be wrong though, there might be something valuable in proving that to everyone. I have my doubts though

    What's next? Was Jesus white or black? Lets waste some time on that one too

    I "think" we need to spend more time trying to find ways to come together, than digging up differences to seperate ourselves from one another. "divide and conquer" is gonna die! do you get me? or do you wanna race.....

    pull up...stage...leave on green.

  • Mary

    Wow! Thanks so much to everyone for all that you posted.......I'll print this stuff off and give it to, if he thinks this is surprising, just wait till I give him Crisis of Conscience to read.............

  • gumby

    I didn't have time to read all the posts Mary....but simply ask the person how they could possibly hang a sign ABOVE Jesus head if he hands were both above his head and not outstretched.


  • oldflame


    What does it matter?

    It actually matters a lot, this is another point in the fact that the watchtower misleads their followers. For me it doesnot matter how Jesus died but the fact that he did die for me.

    I also watched that program and the boobtube, and it had explained how the tree was used with a cross beam, they also had some bones found with nails embedded in the ankles. The watchtower is nothing about truth but all about lies and done in order to separate themselves from christianity.

    I want to compliment those who put their efforts on this post, you all did some fantastic work here on this thread and you deserve a clapping of the hands for your work.

  • ozziepost
    simply ask the person how they could possibly hang a sign ABOVE ;Jesus head if he hands were both above his head and not outstretched.

    I'm with Gumby!

  • ozziepost

    OK, another thing, another example of the gross misrepresentations by the Watchtower Society.

    It's in the Kingdom Interlinear Translation, on page 1156 in the Appendix article on Torture stake as rendered in the KIT.

    Notice how they use one picture illustration which they say is from a book De Cruce Liber Primus by Justus Lipsius and on the basis of this they assert "This is the manner in which Jesus was impaled."

    What they fail to reveal is that the illustration was just one of FIVE illustrations in Lipsius' book of varius crosses and stakes, each showing different methods of execution on stakes and crosses - one method of execution even has a man hanging upside down on a cross!.

    The thing is that Lipsius' book in no way supports the argument of the WTS that Jesuus was executed on a stake - quite the opposite! Now why didn't the writers of the KIT tell the readers about those other illustrations? They must have known they existed when they selected just one illustration to support their argument. So were they lying when they wrote what they did? The answer is obvious!

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    Gumbers said: simply ask the person how they could possibly hang a sign ABOVE Jesus head if he hands were both above his head and not outstretched.

    I found these little gems on the WT CD-ROM which is yet another example of how the WTS (or anyone for that matter) can interpret the scriptures any way they see fit:

    gt chap. 125 Agony on the Stake: "Jesus is now stretched out on the stake with his hands placed above his head. The soldiers then pound large nails into his hands and into his feet."

    *** w65 11/15 p. 681 "Let God Be Found True" *** When, shortly after being sentenced to death, Jesus was hanging on the execution stake, with the inscription posted above his head, "This is the king of the Jews,"

    *** w87 8/15 p. 29 Where Were His Legs? ***

    "...We do know that his hands or arms were not simply bound, for Thomas later said: "Unless I see in his hands the print of the nails." (John 20:25) That could have meant a nail through each hand, or the plural "nails" might have reference to nail prints in ‘his hands and his feet.’ (Ya, I guess it would have to be that, seeing as the only other logical explanation is that there was a nail driven in to each of his hands as they were stretched out on the crossbeam.) We cannot know precisely where the nails pierced him, though it obviously was in the area of his hands. The Scriptural account simply does not provide exact details, nor does it need to. And if scholars who have directly examined the bones found near Jerusalem in 1968 cannot even be sure how that corpse was positioned, it certainly does not prove how Jesus was positioned."

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