Has the Internet Changed the Way You Watch Movies?

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  • TD

    Maybe my family is just wierd, but it's gotten to the point where someone has a laptop open almost every time we watch a movie.

    Typical example --- We watched Cinderella Man the other night....

    "Who's that playing Braddock's manager? I've seen him in something else...."

    "Just a second...Oh that's Paul Giamatti; You know, he was "Miles" in Sideways..." <snicker>

    "Max Baer...Why does that name sound so familiar?"

    "Because Max Baer Jr. --his son --was "Jethro" on The Beverly Hillbillies."

    "Oh, OK. Well "Jethro" seemed like a nice guy in real life....At least that's how he came off in interviews."

    "Wikipedia says this movie has drawn criticism for it's protrayel of his father. Apparently Baer Sr. wasn't like this....."

    "Baer was part Jewish. He boxed Max Schmelling wearing a Star of David on his trunks." <snicker>

    "Braddock was a real character then?"

    "Hell yes....He was champion from '35 to '37. Lost it to Joe Louis....."

    I don't know. ----Maybe this would drive other families crazy, but the internet's become an integral part of movie watching here in my house. How about you?

  • Jordan

    Yeah, I do tend to hit the IMDB after watching a movie... I thought this thread would be about people downloading movies... Which is bad, and I don't do...

  • Tuesday

    God has it ever. I have a laptop now, I have no shame though I'll download movies galore. I really have no problem with this, my main reason for this is because I feel that I should be able to check out a movie before paying the ridiculous fee to watch it. A good example would be something like Independence Day, that's a movie that had to be seen in the theatre. But more recently I'll say downloading movies has helped me in my movie purchasing, if I hadn't had a chance to watch 40 year old virgin for free there's no way I would've bought it like I did last week.

  • Spectrum

    Where can you download movies from? And how much is it?

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I almost allways go to the web to find out more about a movie after I just watched it.

  • justicehope

    I to, love to use the internet to research a movie after I watched it. It adds alot to the experience.

  • GentlyFeral

    My husband is more likely to research a movie and its cast after we see it. I'm more likely to use the Internet to select promising movies. I rely pretty heavily on rogerebert.com, because he and I have similar tastes.

    The advent of the cheap VCR changed our viewing habits drastically; since we got our first VCR, we venture into a theatre only for a big spectacle that would be cramped on a small screen. Human interest dramas and most documentaries that don't involve spectacle, we watch at home.

    Netflix also changed our viewing habits: a wide variety of lesser-known movies, concise plot descriptions, the recommendation algorithms, and critic reviews made it much easier to select promising movies – so we watch more movies than we used to in pre-Internet days.GentlyFeral

  • greendawn

    I also like to use the internet to check out the quality of films, I like IMDB because they give lots of external links that assess a film and rotten tomatoes because they give a verdict based on the film evaluations of many critics.

    Gentlyferal when you say VCR do you really mean DVD? Because VCRs went out of fashion long ago and DVD players (also blank DVD disks) have been dirt cheap for some time now.

  • GentlyFeral


    Gentlyferal when you say VCR do you really mean DVD? Because VCRs went out of fashion long ago and DVD players (also blank DVD disks) have been dirt cheap for some time now.

    No, I really meant VCRs. Before VCR's became inexpensive, we went out to every movie we wanted to see, like everybody else – or missed it altogether. We had been married a few years before we bought a VCR and started renting videos. DVD players didn't change our habits much further until Netflix got started – and come to think of it, would Netflix even be viable if they had to mail bulky tape cassettes all over the place? At five bux a pop?

    Anyway, it wasn't until Netflix got started that we really began to use the Internet to hunt up the really good flicks.


  • mrsjones5

    I like researching old movies and stars on the net. It's interesting and fun.

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