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    Welcome Dave. Happy you found peace

  • DaveNwisconsin

    I wanted to add to my story and say there was only one JW that showed up at Moms Wake. They could have went there to pay there respects but didn't show. The one that showed up gave me a card and said they will look forward to seeing her in the reserection(spelling) and gave us ten dollars. At first my thoughts were not as nice. I thought about sending them a thank you and telling them I was using the money to have a mass said but then thought about it. I thought I should take the high road and not the low road. I thanked them for the gift and then said that they were the only JW to even show. I thanked them for coming and blessed them for the fact that even though my mother was known well in there Hall that I thought a lot of them for showing respect. I work with two JW's that knew Mom well and they offered condolences when I returned to work but said nothing more. No JW's at the funeral the next day and that was totaly fine with myself and the family. I would say there wasn't much love for her if they couldn't even show at the funeral home for someone that had been such a good witness. They get rid of you when you can't be out knocking at doors any more or writing letters. I use to say to Mom, " If we all pray to God aren't we all praying to God no matter what religion we are? I also say, "I pray to God, You pray to God isn't it all the same" I never got a answer...............

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    Welcome to the forum Dave! Thank you for telling us about yourself.

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    Hi Dave, welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to the board!

    The longer I am away from the JWs, the more I can't believe how The Most Loving People On Earth can't even show simple fellow feeling for others if it's not on their own terms!! Unreal...

    Enjoy your stay here... the people are great! And we understand.


  • Triple A
    Triple A

    Welcome Dave and thanks for your story.

    Just a thought that maybe they (the JWs) were showing their love by not interfering with your plans. I would think that they could have tried to make you give her a JW ceremony.

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    Welcome, Dave, and thanks for your story.

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    Welcome to the board!

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    Welcome to the forum Dave, it will be great to hear a lot from you about the issues that concern you.

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    Welcome Dave! My condolences to you on the passing of your mom. It is a huge deal to lose a parent.

    That was a brave thing that JW did to come to the funeral AND give you 10 dollars.You should feel really blessed by it. Someone loved you. There is healing! Stick around.

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