If you are a 'fader' - what have you done with.....

by AK - Jeff 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • mkr32208

    Go put it in front of some elders house of course...

  • Forscher


    After spitting my tea all over the monitor!!!!!

    Put it in front of an elder's house! That was a good one.


  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Our small town has several drop off points for trees. They take them to the lake, for the crappie to hide and feed in. As somebody said, dark bags are perfect, or put them near your neighbors trash.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Taking a cue from Gumby here - make up a sign that says 'Christmas paper and tree recycling' Put it in front of the Kingdom Hall with your trash. Then just sit back and enjoy the fun.


  • blondie

    We have a fake tree. Even if I had never been a JW, I wouldn't get a real tree. Too messy, too expensive over the long haul, get evergreen scent.

    We re-use bows and paper when possible and shred the rest. We save boxes for packing gifts next year and break down the rest. I know many JWs that haunt the after-Christmas sales to get good deals. Who knows when I got it, after or before Christmas.

    Our area also has a place to take real trees to be mulched.

    Hey, JWs can accept Christmas gifts too. What do they do with the wrappings?

    Can JWs eat Christmas candy? Found in many JWs homes after 12/25.


  • delilah
    ROFLMAO @ Gumby.....actually, the first year we celebrated Christmas without a tree. The funny thing about it, though, the neighbours put their tree out for recycling, and the damned thing blew directly in front of our house...I was paranoid the elders would drive by and see it....the next year, we put up a tree, and we've put one up every year since. I have faded, but my husband is DF'd....so technically........you get the picture.
  • Dune

    I say dump it on a the lawn of somebody a couple of blocks away.

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