The Marks of a cult

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  • mouthy

    They have written wt articles trying to prove they are not,

    Do You Know the "Brother" that wrote that article for the WT ... Got into trouble they said they did not need for him to touch &support the ARK!!!! His name was Hess.He is now OUT!!!!!

  • ithinkisee
    It is a bulleted list of identifying marks of cults as listed by Steven Hassan in his book Combatting Mind Control.
    I printed this out and sent it in our DA letter last summer. Hope the elders learned something!

    I have an updated one in WORD format if anyone wants it. More WT references and cleaned up a little bit formatting-wise.

    PM me with your email address if you would like a copy.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    copy and paste it here. The more ways this can be posted the better chance those who need it will see the real truth

  • Maryjane
    Cinema Blend wrote: #1 isn't so much the mark of a cult, as the mark of a crappy religion. Cults don't have to be religious in nature... if we're just talking about cults in general.

    Good point. An Ex-JW friend of mine is involved in a business cult (a Multi-Level-Marketing scheme). They fit many of Steve Hassan's criteria also.

  • Think

    Must be something with tower.

    Like: Bulshittover, Rapetower, Babel tower, Onlytruthtower, Pedofiletower,

    Apostatetower, Brooklintower, Ordertower,

    GoverningBodytower, Nakedtower,

    Strippedtower, Nudetower, BadOdortower

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Don't hold back Think, say what you mean - lol.

    Welcome to the Board.

  • Think

    Thanks MidwitchCuckoo ! LOL

    There is another mark of a cult. Like hidding the heads in vomits bags.

    New name for the Cult:

    Jax in the bagTower

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