jw's & Christmas cookies

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  • Super_Becka
    If a JW takes Christmas cookies at work before Christmas and no one knows they are a JW or no JW sees them, that is okay.

    Heh, I'm guessing the same thing goes for a big Christmas dinner at work, too, right??

    My JW boyfriend worked the night of Christmas Eve (he works all night-shifts), and his place of work provided all of the employees with a big Christmas dinner (turkey, ham, all the fixings), and he had no qualms about eating it, enjoying it and then telling me about it, even though he turns up his nose at the fact that I enjoyed Christmas dinner with my family. He probably even went home and bragged to his brother about it (his brother is staying with him until he gets his own apartment). Oh, the hypocrisy of it all.

    It was the same way at Thanksgiving, too - he refused to acknowledge that it was Thanksgiving and all of that, because he's "a Witness" and it's "against his religion", but he freely stuffed himself at the Thanksgiving dinner that his place of work provided on Thanksgiving night.

    Sorry, but the more I read about JWs and their rules, the less sense it all makes to me.

    -Becka :)

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