Just had an encounter of the third kind with Hare Krishna

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  • zagor

    I was just leaving the department store today when all of a sudden there is this thing in front of me with a stack of books under her arm and clothes not much better than that of a street beggar. She looked like in her early 20’s, university dropout pursuing “higher truth” through religion, like many of jw young pioneers. I said “look sweaty I’ve had enough of religion for 10 lifetimes”

    But as they do she persisted wanting to talk to me. OK I said what would you offer me? “Wh, What, do you mean” she goes. Well every religion offers something in return for your freedom so what are you offering? “An inner peace”. That’s great I say, I’m already at peace with myself, what else?

    ”The truth of god” she goes. Now there is an interesting concept ‘The Truth’. So are you saying that closer I get to your god the more successful, balanced both spiritually and materially and harmonious my life is going to be? “Of course” she adds. You mean as successful and harmonious as with great majority of people in India today? “SILENCE”

    Did you even investigate lives of people who are born into that religion before you’ve joined it? “Well most of them are not practicing it the right way, that’s why there is poverty” Oh OK so they should do it the way you do it and their lives would blossom? “SILENCE”

    Then she adds “but through centuries true worship got corrupted, it wasn’t always like that” So you are saying that few thousand ago it was pure worship? “Yes” So good that an Indian price felt urged to usher new religion called Buddhism because he felt sick of results Hinduism brought about including cast system, I ask. “SILENCE”

    Then she went on to explain that cast system is widely misunderstood and it is essentially result of what people lived like in their previous lives. Ok I said so you say we need cast system and in other words if you are born into poverty that’s where you should stay because you were sinner in previous life? “SILENCE”

    On the other hand it’s rather interesting that cast system as such exists only in one place on Earth, if reincarnation is true then shouldn’t we see unchangeable cast system all over the world regardless if one is Hindu or not? “SILENCE”

    Sooo, what was it you were tying to offer me then? I said. Almost as I’ve blinked she was already talking to someone else. So much for wanting to talk me.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    An excellent extemporaneous anti-witness! Well done!

  • greendawn

    How can someone support the caste system in this day and age? It was a smart answer that you gave on this, why is the caste system only in India aren't there sinners all over the world?

    It's religion justifying exploitation and illtreatment of fellow humans.

  • heathen

    whew , close call there zagor . LOL Was she a hot looking lady and did you think naughty thoughts while talking to her? (assuming you are not gay)

  • AlmostAtheist

    So you're thinking you didn't written down as a "call back"?

    NICELY played. Might have planted a seed today. Never know...


  • zagor

    No I'm not a gay and no I didn't find her too hot either, In fact, at first I thought she was a guy because of her pale looking face and baseball hat. That's what religion does to you I guess, you stop looking like a human being.

  • AlmostAtheist

    >> That's what religion does to you I guess, you stop looking like a human being.

    Worse, you stop ACTING like one!

    Dave of the "I know I did" class

  • Elsewhere

    I seem to recall someone saying something like: "If only everyone in the world was like me the world would be perfect." I believe it was Hitler... or was it a JW Elder?

  • DavidChristopher

    "perfect" yes..."boring"...yes I would like to live in that "town" when "forever" gets here. No thanks, I would rather be "evil" and remain a "student" of a perfect being forever. That is my wish.

  • heathen

    In order to be like a j-dub all you have to do is become the perfect hypocrite . Start crawling up everybodies bung hole over any petty issue that comes to mind .

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