Help help help! ASAP please!

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  • avishai

    Thanks, David.

    I'm downright machiavellian when I need to be. And can, and have been calm to do so. And thats what I mean by messing with them. But if the straight up approach is necessary, i got it

  • DavidChristopher

    No problem my brother, now get ready to prove it.

  • peacefulpete

    The WT site at one time lied to the public to improve its image, maybe this is the quote you are remembering: Mind you the new version is still a lie. They can and will DF anyone who leaves off attemding and who, when asked if they want more visits, declines, interpreting this a s formal DA. They DFd me after not being near the KH for 5 years. Boiled down, they simply asked if I believed and I told them my faith was not on trial. They insisted it was and DFd me and my wife for disbelief.

  • LittleToe

    There used to be an unwritten rule that they would leave you alone after three to five years. I don't believe it was ever put into writing, though. It certainly wasn't in any of the BOE letters when I was cong. Secretary. I looked for that precise point!

    The quote you're looking for in the Flock book is concerning cases being held in abeyance until someone starts making their way back (AuldSoul quoted some of that portion). It isn't as you remember it, as it's completely at their discretion. In AuldSoul's case, even though they allegedly liked him they still DA'ed him, after non-attendance for over a year!

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