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    The 7 times of Daniel 4 and the connection to 607 has been discussed and debated in great detail. Is there a thread that discusses the 70 weeks of years in Daniel 9? Is the time frame suggested by the WT for this also in doubt? What evidence, pro or con, is there? Thanks to any who take time to respond

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    truth finder

    I am a senior in philosophy at California State University in Fresno. I began a study of Jehovahs Witness' beliefs to find the truth. I don't want to brag, but the philosophy major (I am more tuned in to finding contradictions).The study of the the Watctower chronology is a difficult one, and the materials are limited. An extensiveresearch by Carl Olof Jonsson points to were they (Watchtower) has quoted, and what they have left out. Proof from authorities in ancient history, as well as an examination of the bible, Carl was able to refut the Watchtower. The analysis of the dating using archeological remains and the application of history is the strongest criteria, although most Jehovah's Witnesses will not care, and thus the contradiction comes into play:


    ~P= listen to the bible only, and what it teaches,

    P= follow the Watchtower teachings which uses other scholars findings to raise doubt.

    Another one is :

    ~B*B, where

    ~B= Watchtower does'nt claim to have bible scholars, e.g. in Greek, Hebrew, etc.

    B= Watchtower claims to make a better interpretation of the bible knowing Greek, and Hebrew (an amazing thing is the fact that the Watchtower publishes the Kingdom Interlinear, making use of other scholars, and Greek grammar, while teaching its members that the uneducated understood Jesus better than the educted, i.e. Pharisees, and Sauducees !)

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    Good to see you posting. The 70 weeks is an interest of mine as well. I have some unresolved questions there.


    Thanks for the links.


    Welcome to this discussion board. Hope to hear more from you. Were you a JW at one time or just interested in this research?


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    Hi truthfinder, welcome to the forum!

  • truth finder
    truth finder

    I am not a JW, nor have never been one. The Page #, and chapter # in Carol Olof Jonssons book is Pg 87, and Ch. 3

  • shadow

    Narkissos, Thanks for the link. However that discussion focused on the interpretation. My question concerns the dates involved. Is there a solid date for the beginning of this period or is it a matter of controversy? Steve, Greetings! What kind of questions do you have about this?

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