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  • TheListener

    I've always thought that a meaningful statistic, that isn't specifically reported by the society is the percentage of bible studies that get baptized. Please keep in mind that many of those studying are children as are many of the ones being baptized.

    I realize that individuals may study for more than one service year (especially a witness child), but over the course of a decade or more the percentage of bible studies to baptized has shown itself to be an indicator of health for the society. There is a steady downward trend of those studying getting baptized.

    Here is the U.S. and World statistics since 1990 for the number studying vs. the number baptized:

    (honestly I can't figure out how to format this stuff very well)

    Percent of individuals baptized vs. studying

    Year u.s. world

    1990 9% 8%

    1991 8% 8%

    1992 7% 7%

    1993 7% 7%

    1994 7% 7%

    1995 8% 7%

    1996 8% 8%

    1997 10% 8%

    1998 9% 7%

    1999 8% 7%

    2000 7% 6%

    2001 - 5%

    2002 6% 5%

    2003 6% 5%

    2004 6% 4%

    2005 6% 4%

    In the last 15 years they went from converting 9% (U.S.) and 8% (world) bible studies into baptisms down to 6% (U.S.) and 4% (world).

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Let me first say that my comment is not ment to be a cold view of those who have problems with their thinking ability (mental problems). We should feel compassion for such people and allways be willing to help them.

    With that said, it seemed to me that 85-90% of the Bible studies people had in the field where with people who would never comprehend what was being discussed. Of the many Bible studies I went along with people on, only two or three where reasonable people. All of the others (and there where alot) where very distressed people.

    I know a pioneer who makes these kinds of calls his speciality. He has various Bible studies, but all of these individuals have mental problems. He even jokes about the funny things they tell him.

    Is this the best JW's can do? I actually think this kind of behavior is kind of insulting to these people they are studying with. These people need real help, not the "Require" brochure.

    These stats only prove to me that more and more reasonable people are not interested in this religion.

  • skyman

    At the local level they have had a few new persons baptized and everyone has came from various mental institutions or group homes that are from the area. They are not in them as of late but every one has spent some time intitutionalized. This bothers me they brag about the new members and are so proud of them.

  • fahrvegnugen

    There is definitely a percentage of bible studies that fit into that category. During my 6 years of pioneering, I had a mixed lot. Some were "seekers," some were mentally "slow" and others were just plain lonely. My favorite study would fit into this last category. The guy had been an engineer for Lockheed. After he retired his wife divorced him and the guy was left with nothing to do but sit around and grow old. We used to have 2-hour studies where the subject matter would wander all over the map. The guy could talk the legs off a chair, but was an enjoyable conversationalist. He eventually got baptized after I had moved out of the area, but I don't think he stuck with it for more than a year or two.

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