I will no longer feel guilty about.....how about you?

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I will no longer feel guilty about following my own conscience...... If I want to donate to a needy child's christmas fund, I will not feel guilty.... I will give presents to my family when I feel motivated - guilt free...... Turkey day with my aged Parents - guilt free Medical decisions will be my private choice with my doctors advice.....period.

  • moshe

    I will not feel guilty about JW's wasting their family time on useless KH activities- preaching, book-Watchtower studies, prerparing for talks, vacation time wasted on assemblies,etc I told a JW when our job ended up at work in Sept. " betcha can't wait to be a fulltime Watchtower salesman!" I did not get a happy look from him.


  • Tez

    Its great not to feel guilty about relaxing at the weekend after a long week at work. However the JW guilty conscience is not so easy to get rid of.... the mind control goes deep. Yesterday I bumped into a former friend who is still a JW, she smiled at me and said Hello! I shunned her! my conscience telling me that she shouldn't have spoken to me! Why should I care! Truth is I don't but my instincts don't listen!

    Has anything like this happened to anyone else?

  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    Being raised as a JW means that a lot of the morality is hardwired into me. Some things don't bother me at all, like the whole blood issue. Don't care. But some things, mainly sexual issues, really bug me. I have a really messed up and confused brain when it comes to that kind of topic.

  • greendawn

    In my case it's not "I will not feel guilty" since i ceased to feel guilty long ago about celebrating Xmas and Easter and birthdays, wearing the cross, going to other church (non cultiish) services and reading their literature to form new opinions, having a girlfriend as and when I wish, criticising the FDS and the WTS etc

  • 2112

    Good, you should not feel guilty about anything you do.

    If you go aginst your conscience you are sinning.

    So if your conscience tells you to do something and you don't-then you are sinning and should feel guilty.

  • Panda

    I will no longer feel guilty about

    swearing and cursing and using 4-letter words

    It's as if my tongue is no longer tied and it is so easy to allow those melodic words to flow. Now I often say to Mr.Panda *fick you* and we both laugh. We also throw grenades at each other but that's just us.

  • misspeaches

    I will no longer feel guilty about...

    • Being sociable with my workmates instead of elusive
    • Celebrating holidays with friends and family
    • Staying home on a Saturday morning to get my housework done
    • Not going pioneering
  • cheezy
    I often say to Mr.Panda *fick you* and we both laugh. We also throw grenades at each other but that's just us.

    LOL! As long as you don't feel guilty about it!

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