New Yorkers: how are you getting to work during the MTA strike?

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  • NewYork44M

    My commute has gone from 40 minutes to over two hours. I first walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to the WTC Path terminal. I then take the Path to 33rd. When I get out of the NJ Path I have to walk for another 20 minutes.

    This strike is an outrageous abuse of power. The longer it goes on the angrier I get. any predictions when it will end. My prediction is that we will be into next year before the subways start up again.

  • stevenyc

    I work from home, so my only difficulty is working and not responding to post like this!

    Hope your wrapped up well.


  • jstalin

    I've been to NYC, but I don't live there. All I have to say is: "damn unions."

  • pratt1

    I work in lower mahattan.

    But I live in NJ

    I take a bus into Port Authority and then I walk to the PATH and take it downtown.

    I think the strike will go into at least next week. I think the union and management are in stubborn mode and each side is waiting for the other to blink.

    I can argue both sides, its just unfortunate that people who can settle the dispute are the least affected. They are in nice warm hotels and are being shuttled back and forth in limos.

    There is blame on both sides.

  • wombat

    Hey...You New Yorkers...Stop complaining....Our Xmas day will be somewhere close to 100 degrees.

    Your pics have been making our local news.

  • serendipity
  • stopthepain

    Without unons,there would be no middle class.Why can't the greedy NYC cry baby government give the people what they want.Without unions,you'd probably be working in a sweatshop.New Yorkers are the most self important bunch,they think there more important than everyone.GO transit workers.Sept 11 only can buy so much sympathy so that people have to get less than they deserve.

  • willowmoon

    wombat, many New Yorkers are NOT complaining. They're enjoying the walking, making new car pool buddies, laughing with strangers, using the commuting down time to eat and socialize ...employers are gracious, cab drivers are polite, police are helpful and...... as always ....... New Yorkers are pulling together in a positive way --- as they do in every situation that befalls the city.

    These are the pics you won't see on your local news. The media would rather paint a negative picture of victims and criminals.

  • rebel8

    Martha Stewart has a live show each a.m. Yesterday she tried to give someone a ride on her way in, and the woman declined, saying she liked the exercise.

  • bailabklyn

    i toook two days off from work and thenn walked 30 minutes to my first gig. I freelance and all my jobs were in Bklyn anyways on the last day of the strike. i took myself to the movies in between gigs.

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