Dave Chappelle and the "Dark Crusaders"

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  • Maryjane

    A long read, but quite interesting!


  • metatron

    I read this report earlier - and it is consistent with some other incidents involving Bill Cosby. Eddie Murphy had a stage routine about

    getting a call from Cosby telling him to tone down profanity in his act. He called him the "Head Negro" in his satire. Actually, I think

    rap artists do vastly more damage to the African-American image than any Chappelle comedy - but they are likely to be well beyond

    listening to threats. I also wish there was more positive press about Condelezza Rice - appreciating her near genius and talent

    should be independent of her conservative politics. She's a much better role model than any self-appointed "Reverend".


  • serendipity

    Hi Meta,

    I agree with you on Rap and on Condi. She's amazing even if I disagree with Bush's politics.

  • sixsixsixtynine
  • Elsewhere

    I don't buy the conspiracy theory. I think his show just burned itself out and producers knew it, so they canceled what was obviously going to start loosing money.

  • AuldSoul

    I LOVE good parody and satire...these guys ROCK HARD! A lot of work went into that, and I wonder how many caught the "BS" stamp right over the top graphic?


  • Maryjane

    This is totally not serious (that's why I posted under humor :)

    Very creative (and idle!) minds went into producing this...lol

  • mkr32208

    I was actually laughing pretty hard about the idea of Louis Farrakhan and Oprah and Whoopi all being in the same room...

    There would be no survivors...

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