I am new to the forum!! Help!

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  • willowmoon

    Hi Jdarley! Welcome

    May I ask, why is your family soo against it?


  • Jdarley

    My family is against it because half are mormon and the other half are mixed. Also 100% of my family looks at it like a cult, and dont want me involved. they are ignorant or something....dunno

    No, I am not baptized, but am studying to become baptized as one, but getting to KH meetings is really hard cause of the family issue. But i do plan on getting baptized as soon as possible. I follow all the beliefs and study diligently.

  • ozziepost

    G'day Jdarley,

    Thanks for popping back in and telling us more of yourself. Having Mormon relatives can be very difficult; you say the other half of the family are mixed - meaning?

    Tell us, how did you contact the Witnesses?

    I'm sure you're doing the best thing, studying hard to "make sure of all things". Just like the ancient Boreans you need to do that. I hope this forum will be of some help. Why don't you look up the "Best of.." forum. There's some good information there.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • jgnat

    Are you still living at home, jdarley? That would make it difficult to get to the meetings.

    I am a non-JW married to a JW. This website welcomes people of all kinds of beliefs and faiths, regular JW's along with those who are leaving or have left the organization. I imagine your study leader has not yet gotten to the part where they warn you to stay off the internet altogether. We tend to speak our mind here, both good and bad about the society.

    Really, there is no "official" website where honesthearted JW's can gather and talk about their beliefs and questions.

  • Jdarley

    mixed means athiest, catholic, ect.

    I got into contact with them about 4-5 months ago. Actually I was searching for someting which I actually believed and that made sense to me, and I found the watchtower society. And I began researching more, and eventually got to where I am now. My current bf is JW to, and helps me with the issue.

    I will have to check it out, thanks

  • Jdarley

    yeah I am still living at home so it's a pain. Like i have to pray and study in my room and it is not allowed anywhere else in the house. lol

    yeah i noticed its kinda hard to find a good site

  • jgnat

    Just curious, how many times during your study were you warned that friends and family would try and get you to stop studying, you know, under the influence of Satan?

  • Jdarley

    I was warned a good several times, and plus with the bible studying I do by myself says it, and the literature i read it says that to. I think that is why they wont let me, because of influence.

    what do you think about that??

  • NewLight2

    Wecome to JWD!

    I am just curious, are you under 18 or over 18?


  • AuldSoul


    I don't mean to offend you but have you ever read in the Bible where it says you should ignore the opinions of people who aren't Jehovah's Witnesses, or cut off associations with people who aren't Jehovah's Witnesses. If so, can you find the Scriptures for me?


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