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  • SPAZnik

    It's like your mom's arm wuz comfortably fused a certain way and you came along and broke it so it could heal in a healthier way. She's saying ouch. She may be saying it loudly cuz she didn't sign up for this operation out of the blue. Behave accordingly. Respect the whole procedure/process and give it time to heal and support it with healing circumstances.

    I like the way you express, it inspires confidence that you and mom will be okay.

    Good work. Hang in. :)


  • Sheepish

    {{Big hug}}glitter. Sounds like a horrible emotional ordeal. You can't be blamed for her leaving "the truth". A.) because it isn't the truth, and B). because we all have to decide for ourselves and can't put it on anyone else. I hope when she finishes her emotional reaction, she will think it through and realize. Course telling you you have more power than Satan himself is pretty flattering (in an awful way) The truth is, when we find truth, we want the truth in us, not "to be in the truth." (The phrase "the truth is not in him" should ring a bell) They have just replaced the name of their denomination with the words " The Truth". They don't own the truth. Let God be true and every man a's even the title of one of the witness books for heaven's sake.

    Hang in there you did the right thing, you brought light and truth to her!

  • glitter

    Things have been calm again. I think it might be because she pushed it all back down and made herself believe the "Truth"... but her even saying *twice* that she doesn't want to be a JW is so huge and something she's never said before. So maybe she *does* still think the "Truth" is lies - I hope so.

  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    What's Panorama?

    And yeah, anger is natural. I'm usually angry. The thought of Jewsus, Jehoka, or any of that brings bile to my throat and makes me want to burn Bibles.

  • glitter

    Panorama is a very respected current-affairs documentary series made by the BBC. In July '02 they made a documentary about the paedophile scandal - I was "out" immediately when I saw it, although inactive I still believed it all until then and the whole belief just fell away in one go (aided by a bit of research online the next day - the first time I'd ever searched for JW stuff).

    My mum was appalled by it, but rationalised it... :(

  • luna2

    A friend of mine had been trying for years to gently get me to open my eyes. I wasn't ready. Even the big things (pedophile scandal, UN thing) I could gloss over and ignore successfully. I think if she'd somehow presented me with something I couldn't ignore when I wasn't ready for it, I may have lashed out at her as your mother did to you.

    For some of us it takes time for these things to sink in and register. I'd leave it alone now and let her meditate on it. Let her bring up the subject herself in the future. You can only do so much and then you have to let people make up their own minds.

    Hopefully any future discussions will be less explosive.


  • glitter

    As if on cue, the JWs turned up today to brings mags and have a cuppa.

    Mum told them she had her faith tested and nearly quit.

    She then asked the elder who came for an up-to-date Blood card.

    Afterwards she said to me she's glad they came.


  • Crumpet

    Oh glitter - you have been so brave! And what a downer to have her say she nearly quit - she is in denial - she has decided in her head she can't live without that hope and has chosen to deliberately ignore what you have shown her. I have a feeling if I ever got to speak to my mum again and had the same conversation then she would react very similarly to your mum. I often try and imagine trying to tell them (if they would listen) but I think it would kill them literally at their age to know the truth about the truth. its all they have ever lived. Maybe my sisters are young enough to adjust but they are both regular pioneers - similar ages to yourself and have nothing to do with me.

    hugs to you sweetie - I feel your pain and confusion. You;ve done what you could and now make your own life as far as possible - perhapsy it can be a truce between you and your mum. She has shown clearly she doesnt want to know - that she doesnt feel equipped emotionally to live without that fantasy. I suppose its a bit like believing firmly in Santa until your 40's or 50's - how are you going to make someone accept at that age that its not true.

    Good luck and i really find your comments refreshing and open!

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