Thoughts on 2006

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  • Nosferatu

    Last night, I started thinking about the new year. 2006 is on its way.

    I started thinking about what I was thinking more than ten years ago. I thought that if we made it to the new millenium, we wouldn't make it too far past. I was giving the world until 2001 before Armageddon came. I spent more than 13 years of my life believing that the world was going to be destroyed by God in a few years.

    I recall when I was about seven years old, my mother told me that this world won't last another five years. I believed her. Here I am 20 years later.

    The thing that really upset was after I left, I still believed that the world was probably going to be destroyed before the Generation of 1914 died off. Then I found out that they had changed it 6 years previous. I believed in a lie that had been done away with six years earlier! I was so pissed off.

    It's sad to think that I believed something so stupid and depressing for years. However, there's always a positive to the negative; I now have my whole future ahead of me to spend any way I want! I can live it without looking for approval from "Jehovah".

    I never thought I would make it to 2006. But here it comes, and I welcome it with open arms!

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I only found out about the Generation change earlier this's really not cricket to pass stuff off as 'Old Light' - it's just passing lies off as fact then moving the goalposts. I don't see how God would mislead people (who wanted to serve Him) for MANY years.

  • aarque

    I am more than ready for 2006. This past year has been the worst I've ever been through. In January my stepson deployed to Iraq. In Feb I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent two surgeries. In April my husband underwent a 4th hip replacement; he had a very difficult time during the surgery and was given 8 pints of blood. I was having radiation treatments when in May I was called home ( to another state) because my dad was in the hospital on a vent; we finally had to disconnect it and he died within minutes. When I got back, more rad treatments were added because I was gone for three weeks; two days after finishing that my mother-in-law had surgery and we nearly lost her. Needless to say, I've been depressed. This has been a year from hell.

    We are starting off the new year by going to Fort Hood, TX to welcome my stepson home from Iraq.

  • AuntieJane

    Aarque, all I can say is I wish you a very Happy New Year ! You deserve it. Go welcome that

    stepson home with open arms!


  • Woodsman

    I still think the world is in a very sad state of affairs only now I hope we pull out of it whereas when I was a JW I was hoping it would get worse to validate my beliefs.

    Even though man has erradicated war,famine and pestilence to the point that the population is exploding this brings new problems. We continue to pollute and damage the earth even though we know the consequences. It is a greedy short sighted way to live and It seems that most people don't know how to stop so we keep going along with it.

    We seem to bank on scientific discoveries and advancement to solve our problems. Why? Because we want to continue at this pace. I think the real solution is a change in human attitudes that won't come from science.

    As a race we seem to wait for necessity to move us to change. This means that we will not make any real changes until conditions become unbearable.

    I'm no exception. I have two SUVs, a boat, a van for work, hot tub, warm house, lots of electronics, drive where ever I go, use products with unnecessary packaging, eat foods that are grown with pesticides, etc..etc..etc..

    But I'm looking forward to 2006 and hopefully many more years. I hope the world will work towards a mor peaceful way of life and wish peace to my fellow man.

  • JH

    I don't know about 2006, but I loved 2005. I met a good friend.

  • eyeslice

    In reality, 2006 will be much like 2005. There will be natural disasters, man-made disasters, wars and terrorism. The fact is that things only ever change slowly.
    Having said that I would wish everyone here every happiness for the New Year.

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