G'night yall

by IP_SEC 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • luna2

    I dunno, Lisa, if he's got the cold I had for two weeks, cold medicine didn't help much in the beginning. Hope you feel better soon, IP

  • arrowstar

    luna - I'm so sorry you were ill. Are you feeling better now?

    I just feel so helpless. I know you need to just ride some of these things out, but at least you can get a little breathing relief.

    I hope...

  • Goldminer

    Good morning IP

  • luna2

    I'm much much better now, thanks. First week was horrible. I took decongestant stuff, but it didn't help much. Couldn't sleep more than an hour or two at a time. Second week it worked much better, although, by then the problem was massive coughing attacks. I'm hoping IP's cold is something a bit milder cuz that was no fun.

  • tijkmo

    leave him be lisa..

    when im ill i just wanna be left alone...i hate being fussed...get well soon ip

  • arrowstar

    luna - glad you're better. Gosh, that must have been just awful. (((luna)))

    Well, looks like he's going to go to work. I'll be making chicken soup tonight, that's for sure.


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