Do you view life differently since you quit the JW Org?

by JH 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • JH

    Where are your priorities now?

    Or do you just live life one day at a time, without worrying about anything. (thats what I do)

  • IP_SEC
    Do you view life differently since you quit the JW Org?

    If you dont, you are probably still in... There is no pair o dice, retirement.

  • Spectre

    One day at a time, without worrying about anything, that's me.

  • atypical

    Definitely. I am way less judgmental in the way I see others. that's been the biggest change for me.

  • forsharry

    Absolutely! I finally got the help I needed and couldn't get (all the trusting in a no-show-jo-bah won't fix mental illness. ;) I'm learning to look forward to the future, even if I can only stand to look a couple of days ahead. But there is no sense of dread and misery now in my life that pervaded everything when I was in. I enjoy living for the day...and I don't mean it in a hedonistic, grasshopper lazing in the summer sun kind of way. I'm just thankful for every day I'm given and I try to live it to the fullest.

    I've gotten my hopes and dreams back that were downtrodden into the dust and mud. Sure they're a little dirty, but they're cleaning up nicely.

  • luna2
    But there is no sense of dread and misery now in my life

    Me too! It's lovely.

  • gumby

    Big Time!

    I just wonder how long it will take until it becomes 'natural' to think different. Will it ever?


  • BluesBrother

    Of course..

    I am no longer an "alien resident" living among Satan's world. The people that I know and work with are the normal ones, not blinded by the "god of this system" . I feel a full member of the human race and society. I am not special, I have no wonderful "sacred secrets " revealed to me that others do not know. I am not going to live forever, The decent folk around and about will not be slaughtered in a horrible battle.... and I am off the treadmill of meetings, service, preparation and another meeting... will that do for starters?

  • Effervescent
    there is no sense of dread and misery now in my life

    This is me also. All it took was a loud plane to fly over for my stomach to knot up and I would cringe. You dread everything... the next meeting, field service, disfellowshipped people, guilt for pretty much everything.

    It's nice to take off the "grey colored glasses" so to speak and see everything in it's full color. It's nice to know that there's actually good people out there and good things in the world that you can not feel guilty over taking pleasure in.

  • mouthy

    without worrying about anything,

    Cant say that is true about me... I worry about my kids--> still in the Wt... Miss them terribly.. I KNOW I am free to live my life more abundently- But I spend my life doing the same as I did as a JW .... But the differance is instead of preaching that the WT "truth" is truth--- I spend most of my days telling churches folks- schools- neighbours that the Wt is a lie....I dont want anyone else to waste their lives like I did( although now I am beginning to think it was not wasted) because how can I tell anyone I KNOW what I am talking about unless I had been there done that.... Since I am in my twilight years cant walk alot, I believe God allowed me to have experienced bondage -so I can warn others ???? Vanity Maybe!!

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