SO...what do you all think???

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    Dansk- Thank you. You're right, he does need help and it's true that he's not going to see this by our family trying to point this out. So I'm just going to do like you said.

    billygoat- Sometimes all you can do is make animal comparisons, right? They tend to live on instincts rather than cool headed reasoning. Thanks for your input, it's very much appreciated.

    jgnat- Ya, true. Thing is everyone sees it...but to keep peace with him there's a lot of ignoring bad behavior. It's not my younger sister is the one that initiated the talking on Saturday and my older sister is the one that ended up taking all the blame in order to avoid another rage. Thing is, with my older sister--a lot of these major outbursts (around the family--they've happenned elsewhere) have had to do with my older brother wanting to discipline her kids. But it's not just about punishing it's like he wants just as much say in what happens to them as she does even though he's their uncle. He doesn't see that there's a line between being a parent and being an uncle.

    No worries about them guilting me. I think the 2 that have tried to do this are my younger sister and my mom. But so I'm going to do what you say and only talk to them about it when they've initiated it. Until then I'm just going to back off and have a good holiday. Thanks for the advice.

    THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! Just getting it out...venting is helpful. I'm glad to know I can do that here.

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