My recycling ....

by ithinkisee 8 Replies latest jw friends

  • ithinkisee

    Unloading some sh*t before our move.


  • Legolas

    It would look better in a fireplace!

  • Satanus



  • Goldminer

    Way to go Ithinkisee.Someday,you'll pick up the 2007 yearbook of jehovah's witnesses and as your leafing through it you'll stumble upon an "experience" of a recycler who noticed a magazine with a catchy cover (Can you be happy forever?).He started reading it and the bell of truth started ringing so he filled out the free bible study request on the back of the magazine and the next morning these two well dressed,humble,clean-shaven,bible knowledgeable fellows showed up for a bible study.The study progressed really quickly and within six months this individual was baptised and pioneering.And you'll only have yourself to blame!!!!

    If you don't want them-BURN THEM!


  • misanthropic

    I guess this means you guys don't have a bird? They would really make good lining for the cage........

  • skyman

    To make you laugh catagory I love your recycling.
    Recently I went to the home of a brother and sister he use to work for me. When I went to his back door instead of going to the front door I came upon over ten large boxes and in the boxes where their Society's books and mags...I asked what going on here, they both said I know you have quit and so have we then asked me if I had thrown mine out yet?

    I just can't do it, but good for you.

  • TresHappy

    That photo resembles my mother's coffee table!

  • bigmouth

    I never knew that you could do anything with old magazines.I thought you just had to keep them in order of date so that you could refer back to your notations.You could never throw them in the trash\garbage\rubbish.Do they burn?

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I think I'm going to invent an official WTS literature incinerator, it will be metal, about 4 ft. tall (you need alot of available space, cause there's so much damn literature to burn) it would have a lid that would be easy to open, so you can easily dump in, the occasional tracts and magazines that you find folded up here and there under couches and so forth, there would be a compartment for wood on the bottom, as it is ecologically freindly, and then you light that baby up preferably in winter and gather around it with some hot chocolate and put that literature to some good use!

    Heck, you could have a "literature burn in" that would be when you get some of the freinds that have also opened their eyes about the Borg and they can bring their "Literature" "Trash" and you all can gather around the fire and exchange stories about how many people you have helped out of the Borg, and other entertaining stuff. WHO KNOWS, I JUST MIGHT DO IT!


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