jw's and verbal/written hit-and-runs...

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  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    seems like every day i have less and less JW friends... but every so often i'll receive an email or msn message from one saying something witnessy, only to not be able to reply to it because that person has blocked my messages. anyone else notice this trend? it seems to me that fearful or insecure people do stuff like that... they have plenty so say, but with no ears to hear anything back...


  • Gretchen956

    JWs IMO have always been pretty passive aggressive. I think its because they fear you'll be able to refute their argument and they might actually agree, or that they'll catch those pesky demonz if they listen to us horrible apostates.


  • Buhdee

    Why not create another free email account such as a hotmail account? Email them with your thoughts and then block them from it.. What's good for the goose.........

  • AlmostAtheist

    Maybe they sincerely want to "save" us, but like Gretchen said, they don't want to possibly invite "wicked reasoning" into their minds. (Since obviously wicked reasoning is much more logical and believable than JW reasoning.)


  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    Yea, I've this kinda chicken-shit before. They just wanna drop their bomb and run. How freakin' shallow do you have to be to get satisfaction from droppin' your load and running away before you can even hear the other's point of view? Empty "victory", for an empty mind. Typical JW crap, and what really gives me pause before getting into it with any of them any more. In the end, its just a waste of time. Debating with a JW is kinda like masturbating. It feels good, but in the end you're just screwing yourself.

  • Carmel

    if you can count them they would be "fewer and fewer".



    I think you have given them reason to be wary with your attachment to duct tape!!!


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