Welcome To Paradise

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  • Panda

    Ditto on the Twilight zone thing. It's like the one where all of the lights went out in a town and the people thought it would be permanently dark ... until the sun rose the next morning... amazing what you can get people to believe.

  • Panda

    OOPS!!! I forgot to add ... really fun story. As xJWs we were all anticipating the attire and eventual appearance of "the briefcase"... LOL

  • dorayakii

    WOW... this this such a good story... i'm dying to read a sequel.

  • fairchild

    Thank you again for the comments. While I was at work tonight, I was thinking about my revision of this. I have a few ideas.. I should have time to work on this some more tomorrow.

    robhic, thank you so much. I will change it in the revision. I am always grateful when people point out errors.

    dorayakii, after I am done with the revision, I will think of a sequel. I have the whole week off and will have plenty of time to write.

  • robhic

    I think a re-write, a sequel or a whole series (dependent on your time) would be wonderfully entertaining. Your original is excellent. It truly is on a par with something like the older, black & white (the good ones...) Twilight Zone episodes.

    I can just hear Rod Serling now: "Imagine, if you will, a couple of folks -- they could be your neighbors -- going down a dark tunnel of fear and deceit as they try to get away from a life-stealing dark force. This is something you will only find in .... the Twilight Zone." [cue Twlight Zone music]


  • fairchild

    Thanks for coming back, Robert.

    The revision should be done in a couple of hours and my head is buzzing with ideas for a sequel. I can't wait to write it all down. And yes, I have PLENTY of time.

  • gaiagirl

    That DOES read like a story idea for a dystopian "1984" type film. I suggest that the two leads be played by Scarlett Johannsen and Ewan McGregor, the two actors who were in "The Island" (but others might be acceptable).

  • misspeaches

    Wow Fairchild you smarty pants! I LOVED IT!!!

    Keep on writing. I agree it would make an intriguing television series!


    Makes a person stop and think...it also brings back a lot of memories! Loved it!


  • bebu

    Great allegory!

    This has a lot of potential in any medium (book, tv, etc.). Calling such a suffocating place "Paradise" is the kind of thing the Twilight Zone (as mentioned) would have done.

    (I just get so mad at you for being so eloquent in a language that isn't even your first!! Well, at least you are using your 'creative powers' for good... )


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