Do Jehovah's Witnesses Admit to Brainwashing Their Children?

by Mysterious 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • DannyHaszard

    Paranoia playbook-- Read
    Jehovah Witness children are indoctrinated with this supremacist s**t from birth. Actually,an Elder's wife XXXX XXXXX from Rockland Massachusetts kingdom hall would literally play the;'My book of Bible stories' audio tapes through an audio transducer in contact with her abdomen to indoctrinate her prenatal fetal infant....
    I was present at the service meeting when she related this exercise,and at the time i didn't think there was anything weird about it.Amazing how much i myself was brainwashed!
    Introduction of phobias into children

  • yaddayadda

    Inculcating is quite different from brain-washing. Inculcating implies the gentle and gradual teaching of something beneficial, truthful, good. Brain-washing is just always bad.

  • dedpoet

    I have never heard a jw admit to brainwashing their kids, but they force - feed them with wts crap from birth. In my book, that's brainwashing.

  • loosie

    Funny thing is they don't see it as that. When my brother left my mother said he went to a pshychatrist (sp?) and got brainwashed.

    Little did she know she already brainwashed him.

  • Laney

    I don't want to offend, but I find it very hard to swallow the fact that parents do this to their children without researching the effects it has. I would NEVER make my children do anything that I hadn't thouroughly looked into. I know that JW parents are brainwashed themselves, and they are trying to do the right thing, but really, they aren't trying very hard are they?

    I didn't have my son innoculated with the MMR vaccine until he was 5, because I wasn't sure it was the right thing. How many parents research the Org. before brainwashing their children and baptising them into a life of misery?

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