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    Church Break-ins Investigated:,0,3838734.story?coll=wtxx-home-3 Church Break-Ins Investigated

    Courant Staff Writer

    The spirit of Christmas clearly hasn't reached whoever is breaking into city churches to steal money in the middle of the night.

    Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall, Liberty Baptist Church and Bethel Christian Church, according to investigators.

    Baby Ammon still critical, but stable:

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    Friday 16th December 2005

    After blood transfusion — Baby Ammon still critical, but stable

    Health Minister John Rahael yesterday said baby Ammon was "very critical but stable" at the neonatal unit of the Port-of-Spain General Hospital (PoSGH).

    The three-week-old baby weighed one pound 12 ounces when he was born three months premature on November 25. Due to his premature condition he has medical complications and is still on a ventilator.

    Speaking to the media at the PoSGH after the handing over of 63 new beds to the North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA), Rahael said, "the doctors indicated it is difficult to tell the outcome. They are doing the best they can and we have to pray and hope for the best."

    Baby Ammon now weights two-and-a-half pounds.

    Asked to comment on the issue of an alternative to a blood transfusion for the baby since his parents are Jehovah Witnesses, Rahael said, "that is a call the doctors will have to make, not us as individuals. The neonatal unit has the most experienced neonatologist, Dr Petronella Manning-Alleyne."

    He said her reputation was known in the Caribbean region, and "critical" babies from other health facilities, even private ones, were sent to PoSGH.

    "If doctor Manning-Alleyne believes that was the best treatment, the baby has a chance of survival, then I have to respect that. These calls are always made by the professionals."

    Baby Ammon was made a ward of the court last Thursday because his parents were against a blood transfusion on religious grounds. A blood transfusion was given last Friday.

    The Jehovah Witness Association subsequently issued a media release saying that an alternative — EOP was proposed but not accepted. The baby’s twin died hours after birth.

    Baby Ammon was born with a low blood count and his lungs began to bleed on December 3. On December 8, Manning-Alleyne approached the court to intervene. A court order placed the baby in the custody of doctors at the Neonatal Unit until he has fully recovered.

    Calabasas POLICE

    Thieves stole a necklace, a ring and a cell phone valued at $3,000 from a residence on Park Fortuna on Nov. 29. The culprits also caused $450 in damages to a door.

    A woman reportedly posing as a Jehovah’s Witness stole a wallet containing $900 in cash, two gold rings and other items valued at about $900. The incident occurred while the victim was waiting for a ride. The victim told police she was approached by the suspect and the woman stole the wallet out of her purse. The incident occurred Nov. 29 on Park Granada.



    Thursday, December 15, 2005

    Imagine that an emergency made the need for blood transfusions especially urgent but Jehovah Witnesses were in charge. That’s what we are experiencing now, only not with blood but oil supply. In that case the Jehovah Witnesses are the environmentalists.

    Jehovah Witnesses are often very nice people, certainly well mannered and often dressed spiffily. But their idea on the merits of blood transfusions is really, really perverse, like the ideas of Christian Scientists on seeking the help of physicians when one’s body is ailing. I am sorry but this is just so. Sure, so long as it pertains to them and they aren’t forcing their views on anyone else, I can live with both, although when either of them inflicts these views on their own children, I get very worried. Children are dependents, not yet of age so as to figure out what’s best, and when they are subjected to parents’ peculiar religious or any other sort of notions, especially ones that can kill them, it’s time to call in the trial lawyers, I say. They are injuring, even killing kids, with ideas the kids never had a chance to consider and decide about.

    But never mind that. It is with the environmentalists’ impact on public policy that I am concerned. The country has been terribly dependent on imported oil and that would not be so bad if the oil were owned by reasonable people abroad, people who, like reason would guide one to do, wished to earn a decent living off their good fortune and hard work. That would make for healthy trade between, say, the oil rich Saudi Arabians or Venezuelans and the rest of the world.

    Sadly, however, as things are, the oil abroad is under the control of a bunch of rouge states that (a) use it to make the population addicted to free lunches that can only last so long and (b) play geopolitical games instead of conduct trade with people outside their borders. This makes it especially crucial that the rest of the world institute rational economic policies when it comes to oil exploration, extraction and refinement.

    No, of course oil will not last forever. But it could do us a lot more good without irrational restraint of production and trade that’s often brought about by the irrational exuberance of too many environmentalists who haven’t found an oil rig they didn’t hate or an oil refinery they didn’t want to ban.

    Even in a time of emergency, such as many Americans had and are still reeling from involving the hurricanes, instead of retreating in shame of how little they care about human well-being, both the environmentalists and their political pawns in Washington prefer dragging a bunch of oil company executives in front of pontificating Congressional committees and subjecting them to various attempts to humiliation, as if their duties were first to appease the politicos rather than enrich all those who own oil stocks (which, by the way, includes millions of people who are far from “fat cats,” whoever that insulting term is supposed to refer to).

    Oh, yes, about that gauging issue—no doubt some folks love to exploit other people’s dire needs, but it is simply impossible to know from afar who is doing this as opposed to taking reasonable advantage of having prudently saved up (horded) resources while others gave not a fig about a rainy day. If one thinks charging high prices for goods and services in short supply is a bad thing, we might as well shut down all labor unions which flourish by advocating that policy, or doctors who actually live by it (given how they are mostly needed and diligently charge for this when their patients are in dire need of their expertise).

    Anyway, I look at environmental opposition to oil exploration in, say, Alaska, or offshore, or anywhere, as rank obstructionism and the cause of much misery, especially to those who can least afford or cope with it. This is just what you get when people’s value systems have become so warped that they are willing to put trees, snail darters, and rare frogs ahead of human lives and well-being on their list of priorities. But, like the Jehovah Witnesses or Christian Scientists, if they do it to themselves, that can only be argued with in a free country. But if they inflict their perverse notions on us all, they should be stopped.

    HOMEMADE EXPLOSIVE DEVICE FOUND NEAR CHURCH! Homemade Explosive Device Found Near Church Bomb Explodes Near Church

    12-14-05 - A homemade explosive device was detonated this week behind the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness Church on C Street Southeast. A person saw a teenager building the device on Monday and called police.

    Police don't believe the Jehovah’s Witness church or anyone else was a target, but they're still taking precautions.

    It all happened behind the church off C Street Southeast. Police say Monday morning a passerby noticed a teenager behind the building in a field. The witness thought the teen was a starting a fire, but instead police found a bottle along with ingredients that caused a small explosion.

    Although the device wasn't close to the building, neighbors are still in shock. The Kingdom Hall's elder declined an on camera interview but says the church doesn't feel they were being threatened, but they plan to keep an extra watch at the back of the church.

    Ardmore police are still investigating the incident and are looking for the teenager they believe caused the explosion. If you have any information your asked to call Ardmore police at 580-223-1212. Edited to remove the banner - Lady Lee

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    Jehovah Witnesses are often very nice people, certainly well mannered and often dressed spiffily.


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