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    Is there a list of the names and/or persons responsible for the alleged abuse cases on file somewhere? Do we think there's a real possibility that if the path is opened up for a civil suit on the blood issue that it may be possible to infiltrate the court system with a class action on the abuse cases? I recognize the sensitivity of the subject itself but I'm just wondering if a one-two punch wouldn't be effective. At the very least again, while winning dollars may not always be the case, it doesn't mean that you don't win in the end by virtue of the issue becoming public in the mainstream media. The Catholic church is still recouping from the bad publicity and pay out - imagine the reputation of the watchtower if it's played out in one of Jay Leno's jokes. Not good. sammieswife.

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    There are some at

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    stillconcerned (Kimberlee Norris) is an attorney working on this issue. You might note the add that appears above. Also,

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    As I understand it, the abuse cases can be pressed with relative ease against local congregations and BOEs but there is some difficulty establishing a direct fiduciary relationship from the Society to the congregant in child abuse cases. This is because there is a veil of deceitful privacy between the BOEs and the Society. That requires extensive discovery motions, handling moves to block discovery, etc. to break through in each and every case.

    The beauty of this new argument on blood (because that is really the only "new" part of it) is that the fiduciary relationship between the Society and congregant is not only established with their own words, it has been published as recently as December 2005 in the Kingdom Ministry. There will be no holdups over discovery, the material is readily available.

    It is possible that if the bOrg gets tied up with blood cases where the claimant is using this new argument, they may not be able to pay as much attention to other cases. In that event, there may be some headway made on abuse cases.


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