A Christmas Song (to the tune of "The Christmas Song")

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  • Confession

    (To the tune of "The Christmas Song," as sung by Nat King Cole...)

    Wingnuts knocking on your door this morn

    A guy with a Watchtower magazine

    Yep it’s Christmas, and as sure as your borrrrrn

    The Jay Dubs try to horn in on your scene

    Everybody knows a fir tree and some mistletoe

    Are signs that Satan is your god

    It seems any day Armageddon will blowwww

    And we pagans will be reduced to sod

    You know there’s a putter ‘gainst the walllll

    You’d like to glance it off his skulllll

    And all the carolers who do pass

    Will see you kick this Jay Dub’s assssss

    And so, I’m offering this simple phrase

    To Dubs from one to ninety-four

    We don’t care about your mind cult wayyyys

    Merry Christmas, and stay away from my doorrrr.

  • Scully

    Well done!! ::: applause :::

  • luna2

    Very nice!

  • rebel8

    That is making me feel nostalgic. I think I'll sing it tonight while drinking a glass of Gog of Magog Egg Nog and sitting by the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad Holiday Tree.

  • rebel8

    12 Days of JWD Christmas

    On the twelfth day of Christmas,
    JWD sent to me
    Twelve thousand threads about "big news"
    Eleven Bush criticisms,
    Ten Masonic denials,
    Nine Apostafest meetings,
    Eight elders a-shunning,
    Seven newbies a-thinking,
    Six JWs a-lying,
    Five Pagan wedding rings,
    Four back calls,
    Three bomb shelters,
    Two UN library cards,
    And proof of false Armageddon prophecies!

  • Confession

    LOL, Rebel8... I still think we should put out "A Jehovah's Witness Christmas."

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