JW's preach to a dog

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  • lime05
  • misspeaches

    Believe me when I tell you that this story was printed by the WTBTS and either highly exaggerated or possibly even a work of fiction entirely!

  • Oxnard Hamster
    Oxnard Hamster

    Ugh, didn't want to see those stupid end of the paragraph quetsions again, which of course, are conveniantly answered neatly in the paragraphs themselves, thus requiring no critical thinking. I think I'm going to barf after seeing those again.

  • lime05

    Preach to a dog to make the owner become one of 'those desirable things'. Jehovah will be so proud. (r eaches for sickbag)

  • jwfacts

    More realistic is what one of my friends did to a dog at a door. A ratty little dog was nipping at him so he football kicked it through the air and into the garden, just as one very irate dog owner opened the door. Needless to say she did not choose to take the magazines, start a bible study get baptised and live happily ever after in paradise on earth. Does that make my friend bloodguilty? (Strange coincidence but my upcoming judicial committee is being chaired by that friends brother.)

  • misspeaches

    one time on rural witnessing i was appalled and horrified when an elder in my congregation PUNCHED a dog that was coming for him. the dog was knocked unconcious and he positioned him under a tree to make it look like he was sleeping. Then he knocked on the door and the householder expressed surprised that the dog ignored them and was sleeping. Apparently it was a vicious dog.... you don't say! The elder thought this a terrific joke. Anything to go and bother people hey!

  • Saoirse

    I found this on MySpace:

    Two Brothers were preaching at a house when the owner woman decided she didn't want to trust the NWT and so she went for her NIV. Well, when she was gone, her small dog started to bite one of the Brother's leg. The Brother just kind of hit it on the head with his briefcase (not hard) and the dog died!!!! The dog died because of a small bonk on the head!!! So the Brother, who was scared, picked the dead dog up and put it in his briefcase and went back to the car. When his friend got in the car he said, "She was calling for her dog when I left."
  • luna2

    Well, there's a nice witness for ya. JW's who show up at people's houses, uninvited and usually unwelcome, kicking, punching and even killing people's dogs. Sheesh.

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