All right cut the crap.... why are we fighting over the Big News?

by Check_Your_Premises 40 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Ned

    This is not just about the Molko case. It is about other cases including Reynolds (Mormon's bigamy case), the Catholic Church sex cases, the PTL case, etc. These cases all hold that religious "freedom" goes so far, and no more. It's about where the State should draw the line on what a religion does - between a religion's right to worship and the State's interest in harmony, preservation of life, etc. Only when the State has a compelling interest, such as saving lives (including children's [i.e. future citizen's]) will it step in to stop a religion. If the WTS quoted medical doctors who mostly agreed with the JW's position, this would not be an issue. The issue is whether the WTS can misquote medical doctor's lives, dupe their followers into a false medical security surrounding those lies, and "get away with it?"


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