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  • Puternut

    There is much news to report. It's hopefull when we hear about the news that Barbara is bringing forward. Though hopeful to some, a shruck of the shoulder to others, the news is that most ex witnesses and many others are working hard to expose the watchtower society for their falsehoods and secrecies. A dent is being made in the work we have to do.

    We must also give thought to those who are working hard in behalf of the children who are continued to be molested. I also encourage all of us here to support the Silent Lambs just the same. Though some of the progress is slow, we simply don't give up. Combined we all can make a dent to expose the former organization.

    At the same time I wish to give thought to remember that, though we may be angry at what we individuallyexperienced at the hands of that organization. We should really show empathy for those who are still left in. Some of us still have family members, friends or loved ones left there. And we simply can't be too overly angry at those who are not responding to our efforts to help them. We were in that organization once, and can remember how we felt toward outsiders, no matter what capacity we served in. So I hope we can show a measure of empathy and patience, along with endurance.

    It is with kindness, persistance and compassion that we will make progress. Be prepared to receive them with open arms real soon.

    With much Aloha from Maui, Hawaii

    Ary aka Puternut

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    Lady Lee

    Well said

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