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  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Today I caught an interesting segment of the "Fresh Air" radio show. Bible Scholar Bart D. Ehrman talked about some of the problems with a literal translation of the Bible. Although I do not agree with his agnostic view, I was interested enough to pick up a copy of his book today. The show can be listened to here:

    In the first chapter of his book he talks his long journey from Evangelical Chritianity and its literal interpretation of the Bible. In talking about a failed "Bible Prophecy" explanation regarding 1988 ast the time for Armageddon he says:

    "It may seem odd now-given the circumstance that 1988 has come and gone, with no Armageddon...there are millions of Christians who still believe that the Bible can be read literally as completely inspired in its predictions of what is soon to happen to bring history as we know it to a close.

    As I cannot hold fast to many of his arguments (some of which I feel are petty), his makes good points against such a literal interpretaion. There is also an interesting part of the show in which he discusses the trinity. I thought some of you might find it interesting.

  • Celia
    Hey... I listen to part of that show too, in my car this afternoon, on VT Public Radio. I wished I could have listen to the whole thing. I mostly heard him talk about the problems in the translation of the bible, additions, subtractions....

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  • skyman

    Thanks this is exsactly why I come to this site. Once again thanks

  • ithinkisee

    Bart Ehrman is a great read in any of his books. I would recommend any of the "Lost" books he wrote.

    In scholarly circles he is still respected - even though his books are written in a way that regular people can understand.


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