I have a question about the blood video

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    If you have been to these bakward places, like Africa, you will know the standards are not very high.

    But what if you live in most of the rest of the world, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, most of Europe, the Nordic countries, etc, where medical practices are much higher, what then? Should you still reject blood because Africa has problems?

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    A few years back (2006/7/8), the WAtchtower/Awake ran an article on the safety of blood. They were quoting information from an article whose main point was that the blood supply is getting safer across the world. I can't find the thread. But, even in super 3rd world countries were coming to be safer. I can't find the thread that discussed the misquotes. Wish I could, but am pressed for time.

    Blood fractions can ALSO kill: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/medical/156346/1/Blood-Fractions-that-Kill
  • Vidqun

    Don't shoot the messenger because you don't like what he says. And be careful not to criticise just because you don't like the source of the information. One of my lecturers always urged: Think, it may be a new experience for you. Feel free to check the facts. And yes, of course there's pros and cons in all medical emergencies. Depends on where you had your training. Some believe blood cures all ills of society. Others are more careful, realizing that blood can be dangerous. I fall in this category. Each case is different, and must be evaluated according to merit. However, each must make up his or her own mind. I have worked in a Clinical Pathology environment for over ten years, and that's my experience. Even in automated environments there is something called human error, which can kill you. Specimens are marked by hand. E.g. pilots are highly trained individuals and they make mistakes. Would lab personell be different? Also remember, the Bloodbanks are pushing their own agendas. The facts coming from them are not always hundred percent sound. Coming back to the illnesses contracted by blood, the Hepatitis family have grown to quite a number. Do they test for all these variations? And did you know, in the eighties and nineties the hemophiliac population of the United States was virtually wiped out by AIDS? That demonstates my argument. You decide for yourself. I repeat, this is from a medical perspective.

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