A Watchtower merger?

by gringojj 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • gringojj

    Other corporations do it all the time. Why not the WTS?

    Wouldnt it be brilliant............The GB sees the end is very near. So they hook-up with another religion, maybe the zondervan co., or scientology, and sell the whole shabang to them, property and all. Then over a period of a couple months they humbly tell the sheep they were wrong and advise them to follow the direction of this new super-religion. After they have succesfully led the sheep to the new fold, the GB and a few cronies collect the rest of the money from the other religion and disapear.

    Then its all done. There will be nobody to sue, the WTS will have no more assets, and the GB will be filthy rich!

  • undercover

    Actually if lawsuits were to start over the "big news", I could see the WTS doing things a lot like the tobacco companies. Changing corporate structure so that the parent corporation doesn't get hit, only the tobacco division.

    Similarly, the WTS could spin off the Hospital Liason or something like it into a corporation that takes the hit, goes bankrupt, but the parent corporation (and the other legal entities) stay out of harms way.

    After all, the WTS is just a publishing company, hiding behind the curtain of religion so as to not pay taxes. Once they get hit in the pocketbook, they'll make corporate changes to protect the company. And much like corporate America, it will be about protecting the shareholders and board members and not about the employees welfare.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Ah - when you said WATCHTOWER merger, I was thinking of the magazine incorporating another publication, like Readers' Wives (or in this case, Elders' Wives)......

    Or VIZ - lol

  • TopHat

    gringojj, I believe the GB and legal department are just that SLEEZY enough to do just that!

  • Ingenuous

    Would the "re-organization" that happened a while ago hamper lawsuits re: the latest blood exposé?

  • Honesty

    The Watchtower did merge over a hundred years ago.......


  • blakky

    The moment WTS merges with another group/religion, i can see hundreds of thousands , even millions leaving the WTS

    And there is no way in hell they would merge anyways.

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