Is there any concrete evidence that...

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  • Honesty

    proves without a doubt the following statement is correct and truthful?

    The WTBTS are doing society a great Justice by making, dispensing, Spiritual food that if applied will lead to their everlasting future.
  • juni

    Good evening Honesty!

    If only it were that simple! Those of us that were in it know that there is FAR MORE expected. Juni~~~~~~~~

  • AlmostAtheist

    >> lead to their everlasting future.

    I GUESS it's true. I mean, JW's fritter away their lives, then they die and rot. Does that count as an "everlasting future"?


  • garybuss

    We have an acronym doing an abstract a subjective by dispensing a metaphor by barter conditional for a delusion. That makes the principle a third party beneficiary to the implied. I'd say No!

  • juni

    Heh Gary!

    What you smokin' man? Juni~~~~~~~~~~

  • Tigerman

    Well put garybuss... "babblespeak fo dem dat wan ta goobledegook."

  • blondie

    And they're not talking about the Bible. And they say the Mormons are the only ones that have replaced the Bible with new information.


  • garybuss

    Juni, Back in 1945 the Society thought the most important book in the world to publish was a book called Theocratic Aid To Kingdom Publishers and there's a whole chapter called "Argumentation". On page 206 they devote most of a page to "inductive argument by resemblance".

    That topic came from the dust of the explanation of how casual relationships and resemblance came from the switch from particulars to generalities. Page 207 explains inductive reasoning and the reduction of claim to fact. It's the reduction of claim to fact that is the whole basis for the Watch Tower Society as the great (large) book publishing corporation that it is.

    The top line question is the reduction of almost a century of argumentation by resemblance. Claims made based on superstition, assumptions and speculation . . . untested, untestable, unprovable, and incredible.

    Sorry, I don't drink or smoke. I musta wrote that stone cold sober:-)

  • Goldminer

    Conductor: "...ugh, Goldminer...umm,did you have a comment you'd like to add?

    Goldminer:'...oh,,it's already been covered...I believe the answer is NO."

  • juni

    Thanks for clarifying your statement. Juni

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